The Hosta Lists

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The Hosta Lists represent a compilation of 111 individual lists which group hosta cultivars and species according to various characteristics. These lists have been compiled over a twenty-six-year period and are updated annually. Containing over 26,000 entries, this is the most complete and accurate collection of lists available. Hosta names are faithfully and carefully checked for accuracy against the The Hosta Registry and The Hostapedia: An Encyclopedia of Hostas (Mark R. Zilis, 2009). The Hosta Lists have displayed their usefulness in years past and will continue to be an invaluable and indispensable resource for gardeners everywhere.

Leaf Characteristics
Leaf Color and Variegation
Blue-Leaved Hostas
Bronze-Leaved Hostas
Chartreuse-Leaved Hostas
Gold-Leaved Hostas
Green-Leaved Hostas
Lined-Leaved Hostas
Misted-Leaved Hostas
Mottled-Leaved Hostas
Red-Leaved Hostas
Speckled-Leaved Hostas
Spotted-Leaved Hostas
Streaked-Leaved Hostas
Subtle Variegation Hostas
Very Dark Green Hostas
Very Narrow-Centered Hostas
Very White-Leaved Hostas
Watermarked Hostas
Yellow-Leaved Hostas

Seasonal Color Change
Albescent Hostas
Azurescent Hostas
Flip-Flop Hostas
Lutescent Hostas
Viridescent Hostas
Leaf Shape
Contorted-Leaved Hostas
Convexly-cupped Hostas
Cup-Leaved Hostas
Folded-Leaved Hostas
Lobed-Leaved Hostas
Narrow-Leaved Hostas
Ring-Tailed Hostas
Twisted-Leaved Hostas
Very Round-Leaved Hostas

Leaf Margin
Drawstring-Leaved Hostas
Rippled and Wavy-Leaved Hostas
Sawtooth Margin Hostas
Serrated-Leaved Hostas

Leaf Size
Miniature Hostas - Registered
Miniature Hostas - Unregistered
Very Small Hostas

Leaf Substance
Very Thin-Leaved Hostas
Very Thick-Leaved Hostas

Leaf Texture
Puckered-Leaved Hostas
Wide-Veined Hostas

Leaf Surface
Glossy-Leaved Hostas
Shiny-Backed Hostas
White-Backed Hostas

Leaf Petioles
Black-Petioled Hostas
Red-Petioled Hostas
Red-Petioled Polyploid Hostas
Short Petiole Hostas
White-Petioled Hostas

Flower Characteristics
Flower Color
Blue-Flowered Hostas
Dark-Flowered Hostas
Pink-Flowered Hostas
Red-Flowered Hostas
White-Flowered Hostas
Yellow-Flowered Hostas

Flower Shape
Closed-Flowered Hostas
Double-Flowered Hostas
Flowers Without Petals
Spider-Flowered Hostas
Flower Appearance
Beautifully-Flowered Hostas
Picotee-Flowered Hostas

Flower Fragrance
Fragrant-Flowered Hostas
Flower Scapes
Branched-Scape Hostas
Fasciated-Scape Hostas
Short Scape Hostas
Tall Scape Hostas
Whorled-Scape Hostas

Flowering Time
Early Flowering Hostas
Late Flowering Hostas
Non-Flowering Hostas
Reblooming Hostas
Seed Pods
Red or Purple Pods
Plant Habit Characteristics
Ground Cover Hostas
Large Low-Growing Hostas
Large Upright Hostas
Rhizomatous Hostas
Small and Medium Fountain-Shaped Hostas
Small and Medium Upright Hostas
Trough Garden Hostas
Very Large Hostas
Cultural Characteristics
Deer-Resistant Hostas
Deer-Resistant Companion Plants
Difficult-to-Grow Hostas
Early Emerging Hostas
Late Emerging Hostas
Slug Resistant Hostas
Slug-Susceptible Hostas
Hosta Affected by Edema
Sun Tolerant Hostas
Virus Prone Hostas
Analytical Characteristics
Apomictic Hostas
Chemically-Induced Polyploid Sports
Hostas Analyzed by Flow Cytometry (arranged alphabetically)
Hostas Analyzed by Flow Cytometry (arranged by ploidy level)
Hostas Analyzed by Flow Cytometry (arranged by source)
Inter-Ploidal Hosta Crosses
Polyploid Hostas
Sterile Hostas
General Listings
AHS Members-Only Plants
Benedict Medal for Garden Performance
Convention Plants
Convention Themes
Hosta Name Wordplays
Hosta of the Year (AHGA)
Hosta Series
Hosta Species
Mouse Ears Hostas
Patented Hostas
Top 5 Miniature Hostas
Top 20 Hostas
Trademarked Hostas

Master Lists

Click here to download the entire 2023 master list, as well as the Hosta Themes Garden Lists, as a PDF file. Feel free to download the file to your computer for easy off-Line reference. It's a sizable list of about 1.4MB and 175 pages and is now available in both North American letter-size format as well as European A4 size for those who'd like to keep a printed copy on hand.

Google search a hosta name

(1) Highlight a hosta name with your mouse
(2) Right click with your mouse
(3) Click "Search Google for..". You can further refine your search by adding "hosta" in front of the highlighted name.

Search all Hosta Lists for a specific hosta

(1) Click on the link to the right "Hosta Lists PDF", new window/tab will open with the Master List PDF
(2) Click the menu button at the upper right hand corner of your screen or alternatively press 'control-F' to bring up a dialog box
(3) Click the option which says "Find.." Type in the hosta name you are searching for and it will show you every place that particular name is listed throughout the Hosta Lists.

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