Green-Leaved Hostas

'1-800 Full Moon'
'A Passion for Purple'
'A Scape Plan'
'Abba Aloft'
'Abiqua Ambrosia'
'Abiqua Aries'
'Abiqua Ground Cover'
'Abiqua Jim Dandy'
'Abiqua Miniature'
'Abiqua Pagoda'
'Abiqua Parasol'
'Abiqua Recluse'
'Abiqua Solitude'
'Abiqua Trumpet'
'Abundant Love'
'Academy Dark Space'
'Academy Flora'
'Academy Green Bid Paddles'
'Academy Lime Vuvuzela'
'Academy Mavrodaphne'
'Academy Purple Orb'
'Academy Rumpled Beast'
'Academy Shiny Vase'
'Academy Soaring Rugosity'
'Academy Verdant Verge'
'Ace of Spades'
'Addicted to Love'
'After Party'
'Ain't Misbehavin'
'Alabama Bowl'
'Albert Lea'
'Alien Technology'
'Allan P. McConnell'
'Alligator Rock'
'Allo, Allo, Allo'
'Almost Unreal'
'Alpha Male'
'Alpine Dream'
'Alter Ego'
'American Chippewa'
'American Emerald'
'American Green Angel'
'American Green Quilt'
'American Yeti'
'Amethyst Gem'
'Amethyst Jewel'
'Amy Stewart'
'Amy's Green'
'Andy Taylor'
'Angel Feathers'

'Annabel Lee'
'Aomori Select'
'Apple Court'
'Apple Green'
'Apple Pie'
'Aqua Duchess'
'Arc de Triomphe'
'Arch Duke'
'Arctic Blast'
'Aroma of Arbutus'
'Artisan Garden Gnome'
'Artisan Green Iguana'
'Artisan Voodoo Spell'
'Asahi Star'
'Asahi Sunray'
'Aspen Green'
'At Attention'
'Atsuba Otome'
'Atomic Dragon'
'Atomic Elvis'
'Atomic Needle'
'Atypical Blonde'
'Auntie Anne'
'Aurora Green'
'Autumn Joy'
'Ayers Rock'
'Azure Gem'
'Azure Snow'
'Babbling Brook'
'Baby Booey'
'Baby Bunting'
'Baby Toes'
'Bad Boy'
'Bailey's Cream'
'Banana Muffins'
'Barney Fife'
'Bayside Regal'
'Bear Mountain'
'Bea's Colossus'
'Bea's Heartstrings'
'Beatrice Green'
'Bear Necessities'
'BEAutiful Midnight'
'Beauty Mark'
'Because of Art'
'Becky's Choice'
'Beelitzer Turm'
'Beet Salad'
'Bell Bird'

'Belle of the Ball'
'Bells of Edinborough'
'Bellville Giant'
'Bellville Magic'
'Benedict's Folly'
'Bennie McRae'
'Best Man'
'Bethel Big Leaf'
'Betsy King'
'Bette Davis Eyes'
'Betty Blake'
'Betty Hagerman'
'Big B'
'Big Bang'
'Big Boy'
'Big Bubba'
'Big Chance'
'Big Deal'
'Big Dude'
'Big Hearted'
'Big Horn'
'Big John'
'Big Mo'
'Big Old Teddy Bear'
'Big Sam'
'Big Top'
'Billy Bob Angel'
'Billie Holiday'
'Birchwood Elegance'
'Birchwood Gem'
'Birchwood Green'
'Birchwood Ripples'
'Birchwood Ruffled Queen'
'Birthday Candles'
'Bitsy Green'
'Black Beauty'
'Black Belgium'
'Black Forest'
'Black Hills'
'Black Light'
'Black Limerick'
'Black Mamba'
'Black Mountain'
'Black Pearl'
'Black Queen'
'Black Satin'
'Blackberry Turnover'
'Blarney Stone'
'Blue Beetle'
'Blue Life'
'Blue Maui'
'Blue Moonlight Cup'
'Blue Prince'
'Blue Princess'

'Blue Ripples'
'Blue Sophistication'
'Blue Tips'
'Blue Wheels'
'Blue Yonder'
'Blues Alley'
'Bohemia Breakfast in America'
'Bohemia Buffalo'
'Bohemia Green Ribs'
'Bohemian Queen'
'Bohemia Quill Bill'
'Bookoo Waves'
'Borsch 1'
'Botters Sparkling Water'
'Bottle Rockets'
'Bouquet of Hearts'
'Bow Bells'
'Branching Out'
'Bri Bear'
'Broken Wagon'
'Brooklynn's Baby Doll'
'Brother Bunyon'
'Brother Don'
'Brother Jack'
'Brussels Waffles'
'Brutus Buckeye'
'Buckwheat Honey'
'Bud Lite'
'Buffalo Grassland Berries'
'Buffalo Grassland Lightning'
'Bunker Hill'
'Burgundy Bermudas'
'Burke's Dwarf'
'Butternut Hill'
'Buzzard's Bay'
'Bye Bob'
'Cabin Boy'
'Cadiz Springs'
'Cair Paravel'

'Canadian Foreign Affairs'
'Canadian Shield'
'Candle Wax'
'Candy Cane'
'Candy Dish'
'Candy Hearts'
'Candy Kisses'
'Captain Teach'
'Celtic Dancer'
'Celtic Uplands'
'Celtic Warrior'
'Center Glow'
'Century One'
'Charlie Jane'
'Chartreuse Wedge'
'Checkerboard II'
'Cheese Ball'
'Cherry Flip'
'Chic Boutique'
'Chief Cornstalk'
'Chief Killbuck'
'Chief Little Turtle'
'Chief Sitting Bull'
'Chief White Cloud'
'Childhood Fantasy'
'China Girl'
'Chirifu Oba'
'Chishima Iwa'
'Chocolate Mint'
'Chocolate Ripple'
'Chodai Ginba'
'Choo Choo Shuffle'
'Chris' Admin'
'Chris' Blushing Neptune'
'Chris' Darkest Purple'
'Chris' Little Watermelon'
'Chris' Long Lines'
'Chris' Moving Ruffles'
'Chris' Pinky Present'
'Chris' Red Lightning'
'Chris' Red Thing'
'Christmas Cheer'
'Christmas Cup'
'Christopher Wayne'
'Cinnamon Sticks'
'Circus Clown'
'Classic Delight'
clausa var. clausa
clausa var. ensata
clausa var. normalis
clausa var. normalis "Jilin"
clausa var. stolonifera
'Clean Green'
'Clean Lines'
'Clear Fork River Valley'
'Clem Kadiddlehopper'
'Cloud Illusions'
'Coal Black'
'Cocky Junior'
'Cold Heart'
'Colesburg Blue'
'Colesburg Crocodile'
'Colesburg Frogger'
'Collector's Choice'
'Command Performance'
'Compass Rose'
'Considering Concordville'
'Cool Hand Cam'
'Cosmic Crocodile'
'Cosmic Fun'
'Cosmic Little Devil'
'Cosmic Memories'
'Cosmic Rain' (Spence)
'Cosmic Shine'
'Costume Change'
'Count Dracula'
'Country Flamethrower'
'Country Livewire'
'Country Road'
'County Park'
'Cousin Lou Ann'
'Cowboy Drinking Cup'
'Craig Harlequin Bells'
'Craig's Temptation'

'Creature from the Black Lagoon'
'Creature from the Green Lagoon'
'Creet wee esta'
'Crested Reef'
'Crime and Punishment'
'Crimson Desire'
'Crinkle Cup'
'Crinkled Leather'
'Crocodile Queen'
'Crocodile Rock'
'Cross Stitch'
'Crumb Cake'
'Crystal Dixie'
'Cup of Grace'
'Curly Top'
'Cutting Edge'
'Daisy's Mom'
'Dale's Blue Gray'
'Dang Awesome'
'Danny's Gift'
'DaPra's Delight'
'Dark Ages'
'Dark Branching Treasure'
'Dark Continent'
'Dark Knight'
'Dark Night'
'Dark Prince'
'Dark Secret'
'Dark Tower'
'Dark Treasure'
'Dark Victory'
'Dartmoor Forest'
'Davidson's 87'
'Dear Heart'
'Decorata Normalis'
'Deep Pockets'
'Delta Mystery'
'Deluxe Edition'
'Devil May Care'
'Devil's Poker'
'Devon Desire'
'Devon Discovery'
'Devon Giant'
'Devon Green'

'Devon Hills'
'Devon Moor'
'Devon Red'
'Devon Tor'
'Devon Tot'
'Diane's Piecrust'
'Dick's Green Carpet'
'Dilithium Crystal'
'Dipsy Doodle'
'Dixie Queen'
'Doctor Fu Manchu'
'Domaine de Courson'
'Don Stevens Green'
'Don's Gator Hide'
'Donahue Piecrust'
'Double Your Pleasure'
'Doubled Up'
'Dr Topper Hagerman'
'Dragon Scales'
'Dragon Heart'
'Dragon Lady'
'Dragon Moon'
'Dragon Wings'
'Dragon's Dream'
'Dragon's Eye'
'Drama Queen'
'Dream Boat'
'Dreamboat Annie'
'Dressed in Green'
'Drip Drop'
'Drummer Boy'
'Drunken Boy'
'Dry Ice'
'Dumplings with Sauce'
'Early Dawn'
'Earth Star'
'Ebony Spires'
'Ebony Towers'
'Eco Mirror'
'Ed Ware'
'Edge of Night'
'Edina King'
'Edina Queen'
'Edward Wargo'

'Elatior Falls'
'Elegant Touch'
'Elephant Burgers'
'Elizabeth Levy'
'Elkhart Lake'
'Ellie Bee'
'Ellie's Pigmy'
'Elp 2'
'Elsley Runner'
'Elvis Lives'
'Emerald Carpet'
'Emerald Chalice'
'Emerald City'
'Emerald City Chick'
'Emerald Coast'
'Emerald Crown'
'Emerald Edger'
'Emerald Elf'
'Emerald Gem'
'Emerald Green'
'Emerald Paisley'
'Emerald Ripples'
'Emerald Skies'
'Emerald Spade'
'Emerald Towers'
'Emerald Waves'
'Emeralds and Rubies'
'Emerson's Small One'
'Empire State'
'Empress Wu'
'Ems Pfeil'
'Endless Gift'
'Eola Salad Bowl'
'Epic Blue Wave'
'Epic Cosmetic Union'
'Epic Frills'
'Epic Neon Crème'
'Erikson Debut'
'Essence of Summer'
'Eunice Choice'
'Eunice Fisher'
'Evelyn McCafferty'
'Evening Shadows'
'Ewa Yoto Moto'
'Eye of the Storm'

'Fake Lightning'
'Fair Dinkum'
'Fairway Green'
'Farie Twizzler'
'Fall Blush'
'Fall Bouquet'
'Fall Emerald'
'Fall Foxglove'
'Fall Memories'
'Fallen Angel'
'Family Crest'
'Fat Boy'
'Fenman's Fascination'
'Fernwood's Tequila Sunrise'
'Fine Art'
'Fine Dance'
'First Blush'
'First Class'
'Flemish Baron'
'Flemish Melody'
'Flemish Night'
'Flemish Steel'
'Flint Hills'
'Flora Plena'
'Floral Dance'
'Florence Brumm'
'Florence Nightingale'
'Flower Power'
fluctuans f. parvifolia
'Fluted Fountain'
'Fond Hope'
'Forever Green'
'Forever Young'
'Fortunei Gigantea'
'Fortunei Hyacinthina'
'Fortunei Obscura'
'Fortunei Rugosa'
'Fortunei Stenantha'
'Fortunei Viridis'
'Fountain of Youth'
'Fourth of July'
'Foxfire Green Lantern'
'Foxfire Irish Moon'
'Foxfire Zulu'
'Fragrant Star'
'Fran and Jan'
'Frank's Rocket'

'Fred's Black Dog'
'Frensham Basking Viper'
'Frensham Cinnamon Turnover'
'Frensham Floral Tribute'
'Frensham Matcha Tea Sorbet'
'Frensham Red Lime Cordial'
'Frensham Redcurrant Jelly'
'Frensham So Long'
'Friar Fritz'
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
'Friendly Dragon'
'Friends Forever'
'Frilly Frolic'
'Frilly Puckers'
'Frisian Bells'
'Frisian Changing Green'
'Frisian Desert'
'Frisian Elegance'
'Frisian Green Wave'
'Frisian Red Surprise'
'Frisian Ruffles'
'Frisian Simply Red'
'Frisian Sun Wave'
'Frisian Treasure'
'Frisian Two-color'
'Fruit Cup'
'Full Moon'
'Funky Monkey'
'Funny Bones'
'Funny Face'
'Fused Veins'
'G and S Nelson's'
'Garnet Prince'
'Garnet Spires'
'Gateway Arch'
'Gator Bowl'
'Gay Paree'
'Geisha's Green Skirt'
'Generous Jeff'
'Georgie Porgie Puddin and Pie'
'Georgia Jan'
'Geronimo' (Wade)
'Get Nekkid'
'Get the Shovel'
'Ghee Sycs'
'Ghetto Princess'
'Ghost Flower'
'Ghost Tiara'
'Giantland Athletic Cup'
'Giantland Banana Tree'
'Giantland Big Bastard'
'Giantland Curly Toes'
'Giantland First Scoop'
'Giantland Flubber'
'Giantland Friends Forever'

'Giantland Gator Crater'
'Giantland Green Tuesday'
'Giantland Grinch'
'Giantland Iron Mouse'
'Giantland Jumbotron'
'Giantland Lime-a-Rita'
'Giantland Megalodon'
'Giantland Merci'
'Giantland Mystic'
'Giantland Peeps'
'Giantland Pipsqueak'
'Giantland Princess Elsa'
'Giantland Symmetry'
'Giantland Thor'
'Giantland Twizzler'
'Giantland U-Boat'
'Giantland Warrior'
'Giantland Wild Thing'
'Giantland Zeus'
'Gig Harbor'
'Give Me Room'
'Glacial Lake'
'Glacier Cascade'
'Glen Eyeful Tower'
'Glossy Ruffles'
'Goldbrook Grayling'
'Goldbrook Grebe'
'Goldbrook Greenheart'
'Golden Anniversary'
'Golden Decade'
'Golden Hawk'
'Golden Longipes'
'Gone Fishin'
'Gooseberry Sundae'
'Gordon Square'
'Gorgeous George'
'Gosan Leather Strap'
'Gosan Purple Line'
'Gosan Sunproof'
'Grace McClure'
'Grand Canyon'
'Grand Finale'
'Grand Lady'
'Grand Opening'
'Grand Rapids'
'Grand Slam'
'Grand Total'
'Granddaddy Red Legs'
'Grandflora Fragrant Pink'
'Grandflora Green Petiole'
'Grandflora Violet'
'Grant Park'

'Grandma's Krinkles'
'Grape Fizz'
'Grateful Red'
'Greased Pole'
'Great Desire'
'Great Lakes Green'
'Great Plains'
'Great White Spirit'
'Grecian Vase'
'Green Acres'
'Green Angel'
'Green Aspen'
'Green Bag'
'Green Beatrice'
'Green Blimp'
'Green Cheese'
'Green Christmas'
'Green Cups'
'Green Dragonet'
'Green Earth'
'Green Fascination'
'Green Formal'
'Green Fountain'
'Green Gables'
'Green Goddess'
'Green Guppy'
'Green Ice'
'Green Jeans'
'Green Kabitan'
'Green Kimono'
'Green Lama'
'Green Lantern'
'Green Lava'
'Green Machine'
'Green Melody'
'Green Milk'
'Green Moon'
'Green Mouse Ears'
'Green Nymph'
'Green Piecrust'
'Green Platter'
'Green Point'
'Green Power'
'Green Quarter'

'Green Ripples'
'Green River'
'Green Sheen'
'Green Smash'
'Green Sparkler'
'Green Spot'
'Green Summer Fragrance'
'Green Thumb'
'Green Velveteen'
'Green Wedge'
'Green Wings'
'Greenest of Twenty'
'Green-eyed Monster'
'Grey Area'
'Grey Ghost'
'Grey Goose'
'Grey Piecrust'
'Ground Master'
'Grover Cleveland'
'Gum Drop'
'Gummy Bear'
'Gypsy's Boa'
'Hadspen Seersucker'
'Hadspen White'
'Hakama Souvenir'
'Hands of Hope'
'Hang on Sloopy'
'Hanjas Grandfather'
'Hanjas Hanging Tree'
'Hanjas Red Edge'
'Hannah Hanson'
'Hans Solo'
'Happy Hearts'
'Harper Grace'
'Harrington Beach'
'Harry van de Laar'
'Harry van Trier'
'Hart's Tongue'
'Hartmans Creek'
'Harvest Dandy'
'Harvest Dawn'
'Harvest Delight'
'Harvest Desire'

'Heart Broken'
'Heart of Chan'
'Heart Throb'
'Hearts Galore'
'Hearts in Motion'
'Heavenly Green'
'Heavy Duty'
'Heavy Metal'
'Helen Field Fischer'
'Henry the First'
'Hera Mizu'
'Herbal Tea'
'Here's the Beef'
'Hervester Smaragd'
'Hey You'
'Hidden Gem'
'Hideko's Pick'
'High Cliff'
'High Wire'
'High Kicker'
'Hirao Elite'
'Hirao Grande'
'Hirao Imperial'
'Hirao Majesty'
'Hirao Monument'
'Hirao Splendor'
'Hirao Supreme'
'Hirao Zeus'
'Holar Arches Park'
'Holar Crimson Grape'
'Holar Dragon Rider'
'Holar Glacier Walk'
'Holar Great Wall'
'Holar Laser Beam'
'Holar Mystic Girl'
'Holar Mystic Purple'
'Holar Purple Flash'
'Holar Purple Glacier'
'Holar Red Sea Shell'
'Holar Red Spear'
'Holar Red Wine'
'Holar Smokey Water'
'Holar Sunset Cobra'

'Holar White Satin'
'Holar Wild Side'
'Hollywood Loch Ness Monster'
'Hollywood Tin Cup'
'Holmen Class of '59'
'Honey Hill Bubble Up'
'Holar Black Swan'
'Holar Rising Flame'
'Holly's Dazzler'
'Holly's Honey'
'Holly's Shine'
'Holly's Stinger'
'Holly's Velvet Piecrust'
'Holy Smokes!'
'Home Run'
'Home Run Owen'
'Honey Bunch'
'Honey Hill Night Light'
'Honey Hill Water Ladle'
'Honey Pie'
'Hoop Skirt'
'Hoosier Dome'
'Hooties Coal Dust'
'Hortico Purple'
'Hot Air Balloon'
'Hub City'
'Hughes Breeder'
'Hunky Dory'
'Hunter V. Berthelot'
hypoleuca murata
'Ian Winslow'
'Iliamna Monster'
'Impressive Reject'
'Incredible Hunk'
'Indian Hills'
'Indian Summer' (Summers)
'Inland Sea'

'Intrigue Green'
'Intrinsic Twisted Sister'
'Invincible Spirit'
'Irish Hills'
'Irish Luck'
'Irish Moss'
'Irish Pearl'
'Iron Curtain'
'Iron Gate Supreme Green'
'Island Flourish'
'Island Forest Gem'
'Island Heartbreaker'
'Island Velvet'
'Iszat U Doc'
'Iwa Soules'
'J. B. III'
'J. B. Patel'
'Jack and Margaret's Keynote'
'Jack in the Beanstalk'
'Jack Robbins'
'Jack's Genes'
'Jade Beauty'
'Jade Cascade'
'Jade Moon'
'Jade Patriot'
'Jade Point'
'Jade Scepter'
'Jade Tiara'
'James A. Garfield'
'James Madison'
'James River'
'Jan's Gem'
'Jane Doe'
'Jane Sample'
'Jane's Blush'
'Janet's Green Sox'
'Janet's Joy'
'Jay P. Warren'
'Jewel Box'
'Jiminy Cricket'
'Jimmy Mac Black'
'Jingle Bells'
'Jipson Place Black Hole'

'Jo Jo'
'John Arva'
'John Henry'
'John Henry's Shadow'
'John James'
'John Jay'
'John Metzgar'
'John Wargo'
'Johnnie Walker Red'
'Jolly Green Dwarf'
'Jolly Green Giant'
'Judy Rocco'
'Julia Hardy'
'Julie Ann'
'June Beauty'
'Jungle Beauty'
'Jurassic Park'
'Just Elegant'
'Just Green'
'Just Joshin'
'Justin Tyme'
'Keep It Dark'
'Kempen Grey Master'
'Kempen Red Twist'
'Kenka Kiss'
'Kerry Man'
'Kettle Moraine' 'Kevin Kelley'
'Khaki Krush'
'Kifu Hime'
'Kifukurin Otome'
'Kii Hime'
kikutii "Anderson Form"
kikutii caput-avis
kikutii var. densa
kikutii f. leuconata
kikutii var. polyneuron
kikutii 'Sakuya Hime'
kikutii var. tosana
kikutii var. yakusimensis
'Kill Me Softly'
'Kimmie Q'
'Kinakafu Hosoba Mizu'

'King Edward'
'King Lizard'
'King Michael'
'King of Spades'
'King Tucker'
'King's Black Knight'
'Kiss Me Kwick and Don't Slobber'
'Kiwi Black Magic'
'Kiwi Emerald'
'Kiwi Emerald Isle'
'Kiwi Green Gourd'
'Kiwi Hippo'
'Kiwi Jordan'
'Kiwi Leap Frog'
'Kiwi Midnight'
'Kiwi Parasol'
'Kiwi Red Heron'
kiyosumiensi var. petrophila
'Knaves Green'
'Ko Iwa'
'Ko Mame'
'Ko Seto'
'Komodo Dragon'
'Krinkled Cup'
'Krinkled Joy'
'Kung Fu Kenny'
'Kwick, Kwik, Quick, Mabel'
'Kwick's Color Alchemy'
'Kwick's Ladder of Emerald Hearts'
'Kwick's Salad Bowl'
'La Belle Norma'
'Lady Carol'
'Lady Charlemagne'
'Lady Christin May'
'Lady Helen'
'Lady in Red'
'Lady in Waiting'
'Lady Jane'
'Lady Maude'
'Lady Renee'

'Lake Chautauqua'
'Lake Erie'
'Lake Huron'
'Lake Louise'
'Lake Michigan'
'Lake Ontario'
'Lake Orion'
'Lake Superior'
'Lake Wales'
'Lakeside Accolade'
'Lakeside Big Scoop'
'Lakeside Black Ice'
'Lakeside Black Mama'
'Lakeside Black Satin'
'Lakeside Blue Cherub'
'Lakeside Chick-a-Lick'
'Lakeside Coal Miner'
'Lakeside Cup Up'
'Lakeside Dark Dancer'
'Lakeside Ebony Echoes'
'Lakeside Emerald Lights'
'Lakeside Flame Dance'
'Lakeside Foiled Plot'
'Lakeside Fresh Prince'
'Lakeside Full Tide'
'Lakeside Grandee'
'Lakeside Grumpy Green'
'Lakeside Hoola Hoop'
'Lakeside Iron Man'
'Lakeside Khum Kaw'
'Lakeside King Pin'
'Lakeside Lagoon'
'Lakeside Leprechaun'
'Lakeside Lime Tart'
'Lakeside Lime Time'
'Lakeside Little Gem'
'Lakeside Lollipop'
'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Lakeside Maestro'
'Lakeside Main Man'
'Lakeside Maverick'
'Lakeside Midnight Miss'
'Lakeside Neat Petite'
'Lakeside Pebbles'
'Lakeside Pillow Talk'
'Lakeside Prophecy'
'Lakeside Rag Bag'
'Lakeside Ripples'
'Lakeside Round Table'
'Lakeside Sir Logan'
'Lakeside Storm Watch'
'Lakeside Twiddle Dee'
'Lakeside Tycoon'
'Lakeside Un Huh'
'Lakeside Wet Look'
'Lakeside Whispering Leaves'
'Lambeau Field'

"Lancifolia Stepankova"
'Landscape One'
'Last Train Home'
'Late Jewel'
'Lava Flow'
'Lavender Dwarf'
'Lavender Lady'
'Lavender Stocking'
'Leapin' Lizard'
'Leather Angel'
'Leather Coat'
'Leather Gloss'
'Leather Sheen'
'Legacy of Corydon'
'Lemon Love Note'
'Leopard Legs'
'Let Me Entertain You'
'Letha Mae'
'Li'l Ruffian'
'Liam's Smile'
'Lilac Giant'
'Lilac Love'
'Lily Pad'
'Limbo Rock'
'Lime Custard'
'Lime Delight'
'Lime Krinkles'
'Lime Leader'
'Lime Piecrust'
'Lime Shag'
'Lime Sours'
'Lime Tiara'
'Lime Twist'
'Limelighter's Glow'
'Limey Lisa'
'Limited Edition'
'Lindsay Strub'
'Lion Island'
'Lipstick Sister'
'Lipstick Sunset'
'Lisa Marie'
'Lisa Pauline Nash'
'Little Alice'
'Little Bit'
'Little Black Scape'
'Little Blue'
'Little Dancer'
'Little Dart'
'Little Drip'

'Little Fellow'
'Little Green Griffonage'
'Little Hobber'
'Little Jack Frost'
'Little Jack Horner'
'Little Jim Green'
'Little Jim Willie'
'Little John'
'Little Lulu'
'Little Miss Muffet'
'Little One'
'Little Pan'
'Little Petite'
'Little Picture'
'Little Princess'
'Little Ralph'
'Little Red Joy'
'Little Red Rooster'
'Little Redneck'
'Little Sheen'
'Little Slam Bang'
'Little Squirt'
'Little Stirfry'
'Little Tyke' (Wade)
'Little Wiggler'
'Liverpool White'
'Lizard Lick'
'Long Green Dress'
'Long Tom'
'Longboard Stringer'
longipes "Aichi"
longipes var. caduca
longipes f. hypoglauca
longipes "Iwa"
longipes var. lancea
longipes var. latifolia
longipes f. sparsa
longipes f. viridipes
longipes var. vulgata
longissima var. brevifolia
longissima var. longifolia
'Lord Brendan'
'Lord Crinkleshine'
'Lord Dullrippple'
'Lord Manywrinkles'
'Lord Puckersheen'
'Lord Rock'
'Lost at Sea'
'Lost Gold Mine'
'Lost World'
'Lothar the Giant'

'Lotte's Love'
'Lottie Daa'
'Lotus Woods'
'Louis Cyr'
'Louise Ryan'
'Louise Strub'
'Love Bug'
'Love Me Tender'
'Love Song'
'Lovely to Behold'
'Loving Cup'
'Lucille Simpers'
'Lucky Charm'
'Lucy and Ethel'
'Lucy's Crinkles'
'Lunar Night'
'Lust in the Dust'
'Lytton Strachey'
'M. Owen Papuga'
'Maggie May'
'Magic Moment'
'Magic Mountain'
'Magnificent Michele'
'Major Tom'
'Makin Music'
'Mandrake the Magician'
'Maraschino Cherry'
'March for Life'
'Margie Curie'
'Marilyn Monroe'
'Marilyn's Petticoat'
'Marlu's Carrie Lynn'
'Marlu's Clayton'
'Marlu's Eliza June'
'Marlu's Elliot'
'Marlu's Marshall'

'Martin Van Buren'
'Maruba Iwa'
'Marvelous Millie'
'Mary Jo'
'Mary Lou'
'Matthew Braedon'
'Matthew J. Walton'
'Maui Dark Lava'
'Maui Hana'
'Maui Limes'
'Maui Rains'
'Maurice Mason'
'Maya Kingsnake'
'Mean Green Thing'
'Mercy Me'
'Merle's Foundling'
'Mesa Fringe'
'Mesa Verde'
'Metallic Sheen'
'Midnight Express'
'Midnight Hour'
'Midnight Oil'
'Midnight Ride'
'Midsummer Night's Green'
'Mighty Min'
'Mighty Mite'
'Mill Bluff'
'Mill's Repechage'
'Ming Dynasty'
'Ming Jade'
'Mini Mouse'
'Minnie Klopping'
minor "Goldbrook Form"
minor "Gosan"
minor "Korean"

'Mint Candy'
'Mint Rushmore'
'Miracle Lemony'
'Mirage' (Livingston)
'Miss Abbie'
'Miss American Pie'
'Miss Grace'
'Miss Jody's Special'
'Miss Linda Smith'
'Miss Lucy'
'Miss Petite'
'Miss Ruby'
'Miss Shamim'
'Miss You'
'Mississippi Delta'
'Mississippi Mist'
'Mister Green Genes'
'Mister Red Genes'
'Misty Morning'
'Misty Waters'
'Moby Dick'
'Mohican Forest'
'Moi Marlene'
'Moldy Muffins'
'Mommy's Little Monster'
montana "Creech"
montana f. macrophylla
'Monster Ears'
'Montreal Blue Icestorm'
'Moon Monster'
'Moongate Flying Saucer'
'Moongate Little Dipper'
'Moonlight Madness'
'Moonlight Mirage'
'Moonlight Sonata'
'Moor Hound'
'Morning Angel'
'Mount Carmel'
'Mount Daisen'
'Mount Fuji'
'Mount Greylock'
'Mount Kip'
'Mount Royal'
'Mountain Green'
'Mountain Man'
'Mountain Pride'
'Mouse King'
'Mouse Metamorphosis'
'Mr Big'
'Mr Jack'
'Mr. Green Jeans'
'Mr. Osami'
'Mrs Raeder'
'Munchkin Girl'
'Murasaki Kuki Urajiro'
'Muriel Seaver Brown'
'Mustang Sally'
'My Danish Sunshine'
'My Fair Katie'
'My Heart'
'My Hollywood Romance'
'My Sister Anita'
'My Valentine'
'Mysterious Stranger'
'Nagaba Musashino'
'Nancy Lindsay'
'Nashty Business'
'Nate the Great'
'Nathan's Legacy'
"National Arboretum #39348"
'National Velvet'
'Natural Bridge'
'Nature Green'
'Neat and Tidy'
'Needle Point'
'Nellie Grey'
'Nesmith's Giant'
'New Wave'
'Ngaire Dawn'
'Niagara Falls'
'Nick Balash'
'Night Flight'
'Nikazaki Mizu'

'Noah's Ark'
'Norma's Afternoon'
'North Pacific High'
'North Point'
'Northern Hemisphere'
'Northern Mist Grey'
'Nothing but Sweetness'
'Number Nine'
'O Kanzashi'
'October Skies'
'Odd Goddess'
'Ogon Amagi Iwa'
'Ogon Hime Tokudama'
'Ogon Sagae'
'Oh Baby Mine'
'Oh My Heart'
'Ohh! His Blue Eyes'
'Ohio River'
'Old Black Magic'
'Old Coot'
'Old Faithful'
'Old Hump Back'
'Old Rough House'
'Old Smokey'
'Old Smoky'
'Olga Gibosa'
'Olga's Shiny Leaf'
'Omar the Tentmaker'
'One Man's Treasure'
'Orinoco Flow'
'Orphan Child'
'Orphan Train Rider'
'Orphan Train Ruffian'
'Orphan Train Twins'
'Osiris Folichon'
'Osiris Louis Cyr'
'Osiris Obscur'
'Osiris Petit Prince'
'Otao Keikoku'
'Out of This World'
'Over the Waves'
'Over Yu Wu'

'P. I. Not'
'Pacific Lace'
'Pagoda Palace'
'Pam and Tall Guy'
'Pancakes' (Williams)
'Paradise Glimmer'
'Paradise Goldheart'
'Paradise King'
'Paradise Ocean'
'Paradise Puppet'
'Paradise Red Delight'
'Paradise Restored'
'Park Avenue'
'Party Favor'
'Party Time'
'Passionate Purple'
'Pastel Fringe'
'Pastures Green'
'Pastures New'
'Patent Leather'
'Patricia's Paragon'
'Paul Bunyan'
'Pauline Brac'
'Payot Milton Greene'
'Pea Pod'
'Peacock Strut'
'Pearl Buttons'
'Pearl Lake'
'Pearl of Great Price'
'Pearls of Wisdom'
'Pebble Beach'
'Pebble Creek Basin'
'Pebble Creek Crackerjacks'
'Pebble Creek Five Stones'
'Pebble Creek GPS'
'Pebble Creek Great King'
'Pebble Creek Landmark'
'Pebble Creek Magnificat'
'Pebble Creek Moon Journey'
'Pebble Creek Nightscape'
'Pebble Creek Provenance'
'Pebble Creek Sea Billows'
'Pebble Creek Silver Sensation'
'Pebbled Jade'

'PeeDee Dew Catcher'
'PeeDee Diamond Dove'
'PeeDee Elfin Bells'
'PeeDee Graymulkin'
'Peggy Sue'
'Pelham Blue Tump'
'Penny MacBlue'
'People's Choice'
'Peppermint Twist'
'Permanent Wave'
'Persian Red'
'Pete's Dark Satellite'
'Pete's Slon-he'
'Peter Pan'
'Peter the Rock'
'Petticoat Junction'
'Petticoat Pink'
'Pewter Goblet'
'Peyton Augusta'
'Phyllis Campbell'
'Piano Man'
'Picadilly Circus'
'Picadilly Hearts'
'Pickle Barrel'
'Pickle Puss'
'Pieces of Eight'
'Piecrust Power'
'Pine Hill'
'Pineapple Juice'
'Pineapple Poll'
'Pistachio Cream'
'Pit Bull'
'Pitch Black'
'Pitty Pat'
'Pixie Moonstone'
'Plain Jane in a Frilly Skirt'
'Plain Jane in an A-Line Skirt'
'Planet Jupiter'
'Planet Mars'
'Planet Venus'
plantaginea var. japonica
'Platinum Nugget'
'Playin' Peoria'
'Pleasant Hill'

'Plug Nickel'
'Plum Nutty'
'Plum Pudding'
'Plum Wine'
'Plumb Bob'
'Point Counterpoint'
'Point Judith Light'
'Pointed Leaf'
'Polished Emeralds'
'Polished Jade'
'Polly Bishop'
'Polly Mae'
'Pondering Parsippany'
'Pop the Question'
'Potomac Pride'
'Powtes Pigeon'
'Prairie Angel'
'Presence of Mind'
'Pretty Flamingo'
'Pretty Flower'
'Pretty Fraulein'
'Pretty in Pink'
'Pretty Posey'
'Prime Minister'
'Prince Albert'
'Prince Caspian'
'Prince of Wales'
'Princess Wu'
'Princess WuWu'
'Proud Mary'
'Pucker Power'
'Pucker Up'
'Puckered Cup'
'Puckered Giant'
'Puckered Green'
'Puckered Green Cup'
'Puddles and Bumps'
'Puff the Magic Dragon'
pulchella "Onada Type II"
'Purbeck Mist'
'Purbeck Ridge'
'Purple and Gold'
'Purple Ben'
'Purple Bloomstalk'
'Purple Boots'

'Purple Bouquet'
'Purple Bow Tie'
'Purple Charmer'
'Purple Dwarf'
'Purple Elf'
'Purple Essence'
'Purple Flamingo'
'Purple Glory'
'Purple Grape'
'Purple Haze'
'Purple Heart'
'Purple Lady Finger'
'Purple Mischief'
'Purple Passion'
'Purple Prince'
'Purple Profusion'
'Purple Rain'
'Purple Scapes'
'Quarter Back'
'Quilted Cup'
'Quilted Hearts'
'Quilting Bee'
'Quilting Party'
'Radio Waves'
'Rain Forest'
'Raisin Cain'
'Rasha Maru'
'Rasha-ba Saikoku Iwa'
'Rashao Iwa'
'Raspberry Sorbet'
'Raucous Ruffles'
'Razzle Dazzle'
'Red Baron'
'Red Bird'
'Red Bull'
'Red Cadet'
'Red Corvette'
'Red Dog'
'Red Dragon'
'Red Imp'
'Red Kitty'
'Red Light'
'Red Neck Heaven'
'Red October'
'Red One'
'Red Puppy'
'Red Racer'
'Red Rover'
'Red Ryder'

'Red Salamander'
'Red Slippers'
'Red Sox'
'Red Stepper'
'Red Stilts'
'Red Thunder'
'Red Titanium'
'Red Tubes'
'Red Wine Fries'
'Red Wing'
'Redback Tavern'
'Reddish Dot'
'Reddy Eddy'
'Reflecting Pool'
'Regal Rhubarb'
'Regal Ruffles'
'Reginald Kaye'
'Restless Sea'
'Rhapsody in Blue'
'Rib Mountain'
'Richard Taylor'
'Richland Green Splish'
'Richland Neat Toy'
'Richland Yea'
'Riding High'
'Rim Rock'
'Rippled Elf'
'Rippled Honey'
'Rippled Streak'
'Rippled Treasure'
'Rippling Waters'
'Rippling Waves'
'River City Blues'
'Riverboat Queen'
'Road Rage'
'Rock 'n' Roll Heart'
'Rock Happy'
'Rock Princess'
'Rocket's Red Glare'
'Rockstar Evie, Golfer Gracie'
'Rocky Mountain High'
'Rocky Road'
'Rosedale Barnie'
'Rosedale Black Sambo'
'Rosedale Buddy Holly'
'Rosedale Dough Boy'
'Rosedale Glacier Ice'
'Rosedale Marsha Axmear Erb'
'Rosedale Mr. Green Jeans'
'Rosedale Mrs. President'

'Rosedale Richie Vallens'
'Rosedale Rip Van Winkle'
'Rosedale Spoons'
'Rosedale Terraced Hills'
'Rosedale Tractor Seat'
'Rough Knight'
'Rough Waters'
'Roundhouse Blues'
'Royal Crest'
'Royal Lady'
'Royal Quilt'
'Royal Standard'
'Royal Super'
'Roy's Pink'
'Ruby Slippers'
'Ruffed Up'
'Ruffled Pale Face'
'Ruffled Petticoats'
'Ruffled Surprise'
'Ruffles Galore'
'Rumpled Sheets'
'Russ O'Harra'
'Russell Square'
'Rusty Bee'
'Rusty's Glimmer'
'Rusty's Tornado'
'Rusty's Wave'
'Ruth's Green Edger'
'Ryan's Big One'
'Sahara Nights'
'Sailor's Lament'
'Saint Fiacre'
'Saishu Jima'
'Saizaki Hime Iwa'
'Sam Hagerman'
'Sam Hill'
'Sam Son'
'Satin and Silk'
'Satin Beauty'
'Satin Flare'
'Satin Green'
'Savannah Emerald'
'Save Poor Lily'
'Save the Last Dance for Me'
'Scallion Pancakes'
'Scalloped Potatoes'
'Scally Cap'
'Scarlet and Gray'

'School Bus'
'Scott Andrew'
'Scrunched Up'
'Schwarzer Ritter'
'Sea Aquarius'
'Sea Biscuit'
'Sea Blue'
'Sea Current'
'Sea Drift'
'Sea Ebony'
'Sea Frolic'
'Sea Gentian'
'Sea Gulf Stream'
'Sea Lotus Leaf'
'Sea Mermaid'
'Sea Monster'
'Sea Nautilus'
'Sea Nymph'
'Sea Octopus'
'Sea Prize Green'
'Sea Queen'
'Sea Slate II'
'Second Wind'
'Selah's Choice'
'Senora Colleen'
'Sent from Heaven'
'September Surprise'
'Serene Lady'
'Seto Hime'
'Shady Affair'
'Sharp Shooter'
'She's Got the Moves'
'She's So Cold'
'Sherborne Profusion'
'Sherborne Swan'
'Sherwood Forest'
'Shifting Perspectives'
'Shimmering Silk'
'Shimmers in the Moonlight'
'Shimmy Mr Blue'
'Shimmy Shake'
'Shining Image'
'Shining Tot'
'Shiny Sonata'
'Shirobana Keirin'
'Short Folks'
'Show Off'
'Show Piece'
'Show Stopper'

sieboldii 'Alba'
sieboldii f. angustifolia
'Silver Anniversary'
'Silver Award'
'Silver Dust'
'Silver Giant'
'Silver Rim'
'Silver Twist'
'Simpers Number Five'
'Simple Pleasure'
'Sir Augie W.'
'Sir Charles'
'Sir Cocky'
'Sir Dave'
'Sir Knight'
'Sir Lloyd T'
'Sir Logan'
'Sir Markus Cooper'
'Sir Troy Lamar'
'Sister Betty'
'Sister Garned'
'Skinny Mouse'
'Skipping School'
'Sky Dancer'
'Sky Kissed'
'Sleepy Hollow'
'Slick Willie'
'Slim Jim'
'Slim Polly'
'Small Parts'
'Small World'
'Smiling Dr. Jim'
'Smiling Susan'
'Smokey Bear'
'Smokey Tokey'
'Snake Charmer'
'Snake Pit Falls'
'Snow Flakes'
'Snow Flurry'
'Snow Mound'
'So Big'
'Soft Touch'
'Solo Flight'
'Something for Sandra'
'Soul Brother'
'Soules Upright Green'
'Sour Apples'
'Southern Comfort'

'Space Station'
'Spacious Skies'
'Sparkling Amethyst'
'Sparkling Burgundy'
'Sparkling Garnet'
'Sparkling Opal'
'Sparkling Ruby'
'Sparkling Sapphire'
'Spartan Arrow'
'Spartan Gem'
'Special Gift'
'Spinach Patch'
'Spingarn's Japan'
'Spiral Nebula'
'Split Decision'
'Spock's Ear'
'Spring Gold'
'Spring Mist'
'Springdale Pride'
'Squiggles Green'
'Sri Lankan Spice'
'Standard Bearer'
'Standing Room Only'
'Starker Yellow Leaf'
'Starry Starry Night'
'Steady On'
'Stegeman's Dreadnaught'
'Stephen King'
'Stir It Up'
'Stolen Ability'
'Stolen Kiss'
'Stone's Valentine'
'Stranger in the Dark'
'Strawberry Delight'
'Sub Four'
'Substance Abuse'
'Sugar Plum Fairy'
'Sum Blue'
'Sum Zero'
'Summer Gift'
'Summer Palace'
'Summer Snowstorm'
'Summer Vacation'
'Summer Warrior'
'Sun Catcher'
'Sunbeam Green'
'Sunrise Crinkles'
'Surf and Turf'
'Surf's Up'
'Surfer Dude'
'Surfer Girl'
'Susan Montgomery's Ghost'
'Suzanne Mahler'
'Suzy Merle'
'Swamp Monster'
'Swan Lake'
'Sweet Bo Peep'
'Sweet Marjorie'
'Sweet Pea'
'Sweet Susan'
'Sweet Winifred'
'Swirling Hearts'
'Swizzle Sticks'
'Symphony in Blue'
'T Rex'
takahashii "Gosan"
'Talking Point'
'Tall Boy'
'Tall, Dark, and Handsome'
'Tall Twister'
'Tamaryu Iwa'
'Tardiflora Hybrida'
tardiva "Gosan"
'Tattletale Gray'
'Tea Ceremony'
'Tears of Joy'
'Tears of the Sun'
'Teltow Happy Felix'
'Teltow Lance Black'
'Teltow Lemon Fountain'
'Teltow Olive Kentia'
'Teltow Pancakes'
'Teltow The Stork'
'Teltow Yellow Explosion'
'Temple Bells'
'Tenny Up'
'Terry witha Y'

'The Big Easy'
'The Big Five-oh'
'The Fonz'
'The Gathering'
'The Godfather'
'The Horseshoe'
'The Hulk'
'The Mighty Koo Yai'
'The Notorious RBG'
'The Partridge Family'
'The Razor's Edge'
'The Seventh Son'
'The Shire'
'The Sleeper'
'The Twister'
'The Unforgettable Fire'
'The Wall'
'Thelma Rudolf'
'Theo's Red'
'Thumb Nail'
'Thunder Boomer'
'Tiffany Tune'
'Tim and Claire'
'Time in a Bottle'
'Tiny Tears'
'Tiny Temple Chimes'
'To the Point'
'Toad House'
'Tokyo Spring'
'Tom Cat'
'Tongue Lashing'
'Tongue Twister'
'Tossed Salad'
'Tot Tot'
'Totally Twisted'
'Totally Wacky'
'Touch of Green'
'Tracy's Emerald Cup'
'Treasure Island'
'Tremont Atomic Dragon'
'Tremont Atomic Needle'
'Tremont Diadem'
'Tremont Frosted Greenie'
'Tremont Mainstay'
'Tremont Mirage'

'Tremont Prehensile'
'Tremont Radiant Light'
'Tremont Red Hacksaw'
'Tremont Uplifted Heart'
'Tremont Whappa'
'Tropical Highland'
'True Heart'
'True Treasure'
'Tsugaru Komachi'
'Tucker Valentine'
'Tunisian Dream'
'Turbulent Seas'
'Turtle Dove'
'Twilight Shimmer'
'Twilight Time'
'Twist and Shout'
'Twist of Lime'
'Twist Tie'
'Twisted Sister'
'Ukulele Lady'
'Unazuki Dwarf'
'Uncle Albert'
'Uncle John'
'Uncle Shorty'
'Undulata Erromena'
'Uniquely War Lance'
'Uniquely Rails to Trails'
'Unruly Child'
'Unruly Troll'
'Uptown Girl'
'Urajiro Hachijo'
'Urajiro Iwa'
'Urban Rancher'
'Valentine Lace'
'Valerie's Vanity'

'Valley's Adonis'
'Valley's Big Hand'
'Valley's Blind River'
'Valley's Boomerang'
'Valley's Booty'
'Valley's Bossanova'
'Valley's Bull's Eye'
'Valley's Cactus Bowl'
'Valley's Cathedral'
'Valley's Courtisane'
'Valley's Curly Wurly'
'Valley's Dancing Lady'
'Valley's Dancing Water'
'Valley's Dandy'
'Valley's Dark Horse'
'Valley's Fantastic Boys'
'Valley's Favorite Muse'
'Valley's Fine Wine'
'Valley's First Bite'
'Valley's Frozen Rum'
'Valley's Glossy Veins'
'Valley's Grand Tot'
'Valley's Green Hero'
'Valley's Greenstone'
'Valley's Grey Buster'
'Valley's High Way'
'Valley's Himitsu'
'Valley's Hot Legs'
'Valley's Iron Lady'
'Valley's Katafreeze'
'Valley's Kick Inside'
'Valley's Kumo'
'Valley's Lazy Sunday'
'Valley's Liquid Green'
'Valley's Long Neck'
'Valley's Mai Tai'
'Valley's Parlay'
'Valley's Party Fluff'
'Valley's Petticoat'
'Valley's Purple August'
'Valley's Purple Gecko'
'Valley's Purple Hurricane'
'Valley's Purple Turtle'
'Valley's Red Dad'
'Valley's Red Lion'
'Valley's Red Raider'
'Valley's Red Scorpion'
'Valley's Rodeo'
'Valley's Ruffle Shuffle'
'Valley's Sand Dance'
'Valley's Shipwreck's Cove'
'Valley's Small Change'
'Valley's Small Skipper'
'Valley's Soul Sister'
'Valley's Sub Four'

'Valley's Tonkatsu'
'Valley's Toss the Boss'
'Valley's Up'
'Valley's Vanilla Sticks'
'Valley's Wave Ripple'
'Valley's White Beach'
'Valley's White Suit'
'Valley's Wild Romance'
'Valley's Witness'
'Venetian Blue'
ventricosa 'Aureomaculata'
'Venus Star'
venusta "Onoda"
venusta 'Wavy Edge'
'Verkade's One'
'Versailles Blue'
'Viette Eighteen'
'Viette's Ghost'
'Viking Ship'
'Viktoria's Dark Secret'
'Vim and Vigor'
'Vincent Nale'

'Vinnie's Janel'
'Walden Green'
'Walla Walla'
'War Path'
'Warwick Ballerina'
'Warwick Cup'
'Warwick Essence'
'Watermelon Pie'
'Watermelon Rind'
'Water's Edge'
'Waving Wuffles'
'Wayside Blue'
'Wayside Perfection'
'Weisse Glocke'
'Wet Crocodile'
'Wet Umbrellas'
'Whirling Puck'
'Whiskey Sour'
'White Caps'
'White Ceiling'
'White Clouds'
'White Edger'
'White Fairy'

'White Gold'
'White Heron'
'White in August'
'White Knight'
'White Mule'
'White Princess'
'White Shoulders'
'White Triumphator'
'White Trumpets'
'White Vision'
'White Witch'
'Whitefish Dunes'
'Who's Wu'
'Wide Receiver'
'Wild Blue Yonder'
'Wild One'
'Wildcat Mountain'
'Wilderness Ridge'
'Will of Fortune'
'Wily Willy'
'Winnebago Purple Punch'
'Witches Brew'
'Witten Lodge'
'Wizard's Illusion'
'Wogon's Boy'
'Woodland Green'

'Worldly Treasure'
'Wrinkles and Crinkles'
'X Factor'
'Xanadu Opie'
'Xcuse Me'
'Yakushima Mizu'
'Yellow Eyes'
'Yo Yo'
'Yuma' (Livingston)
'Yuma' (Wade)
'Zachary Taylor'
'Zager Blue'
'Zager Green'
'Zager Green Giant'
'Zippin Pippin'
'Zypunic Finale'

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