Virus-Prone Hostas

All hostas are susceptible to viruses. However, certain cultivars are known to be commonly affected by virus and are referred to as "virus-prone". Gardeners should avoid purchasing symptomatic plants, and destroy all virus-infected plants to prevent the spread of the virus to other plants. Diseased plants should not be composted, but removed from the garden and placed in municipal waste or destroyed by fire.

'Big Daddy'
'Birchwood Parky's Gold'
'Blue Cadet'
'Blue Freckles'
'Blue Monday'
'Break Dance'
'Chirifu Oba'
'Color Glory'
'Diamond Tiara'
'Dotted Fantasy'
'El Niño'
'Eternal Father'
'Fan Dance'
'First Frost'
'Fortunei Albopicta'
'Gold Edger'
'Gold Standard'
'Golden Prayers'
'Golden Tiara'
'Ground Master'
'Gypsy Rose'
'Harvest Glow'
'Hydon Sunset'
'Katherine Lewis'
'Kiwi Dreadlocks'
'Kiwi Watercolours'
'Krossa Regal'
'Lady Guinevere'
'Leopard Frog'
'Little Aurora'
'Night before Christmas'
'Pacific Blue Edger'
'Pamela Ann'
'Panda Bear'
'Paradise Joyce'
'Parkish Gold'
'Paul's Glory'
'PeeDee Gold Flash'
'Queen Josephine'
'Regal Splendor'
'Richland Gold'
'Rim Rock'
'Royal Standard'
'Shade Fanfare'
'So Sweet'
'Spit and Spat'
'Spotted Janet'
'Sugar and Cream'
'Sum and Substance'
'Sun Power'
'Sweet Susan'
'Tye Dye'
'Undulata Albomarginata'
'Wide Brim'
'Yellow Splash Rim'

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