Difficult-to-Grow Hostas

The following hostas have been reported by many gardeners to be unusually slow or difficult to grow. Some varieties are poor performers almost universally, and many of those have been listed here, but for most there are some people who will have great success with them. Some varieties will do well in certain regions but not in others. Many varieties are quite slow to become established, but if they survive the first 2 years, will take off and grow well. Gardeners are generally wise to avoid those varieties that have a bad reputation from growers in several different areas of the country, and especially those that have not done well for people known to be excellent gardeners.

Some varieties are very picky about growing conditions, and unless they are planted in optimum conditions, they will either remain small, or fade away and die. One well-known example of this is Hosta 'Great Expectations', which also happens to be a very beautiful hosta. A great many people have lost this one, sometimes more than once. Hosta 'Great Expectations' must have the perfect conditions to thrive, including a lot of light and an ample amount of water. If you give it these things, you will increase your chances of growing it into an absolutely stunning plant.

If you want to try any of the hostas that have the reputation of being difficult, be prepared to try different locations and growing methods, and possibly go through several plants before you discover what works for that variety in your location. When you do find out what works, please share the information with the rest of us!

'Abiqua Hallucination'
'Apple Court'
'Asahi Comet'
'Banana Sundae'
'Blue Beard'
'Blue Danube'
'Blue Ice'
'Blue June'
'Blue Moon'
'Blue Shadows'
'Bold Ruffles'
'Borwick Beauty'
'Brim Cup'
'Cat's Eye'
'Cherry Berry'
'Crown Jewel'
'David Stone'
'Dee's Golden Jewel'
'Dorset Blue'
'Emma Foster'
'Eskimo Pie'
'Flame Stitch'
'Fire and Ice'
'Fused Veins'
'Gay Feather'
'Golden Plum'
'Great Expectations'
'Hadspen Samphire'
'Halley's Comet'
'Heaven and Earth'
'Island Charm'
'Ivory Pixie'
'Jack of Diamonds'
'Janet's Gold Sox'
'Jelly Bean'
'Lakeside Paisley Print'
'Lakeside Zing Zang'
'La Vista'
'Little Lites'
'Lochness Monster'
longissima var. longifolia
'Love Pat'
'Midwest Gold'
'Mini Man'
'Morning Light'
'Mr. Asami Improved'
'My Child Insook'
'New Tradition'
'Northern Lights'
'Opipara' ('Bill Brinka')
'Pandora's Box'
'Pandora's Stripe'
'Patriot's Fire Reversed'
'Porcelain Vase'
'Purple Flame Forever'
'Remember Me'
'Ribbon Tiara'
'Rosedale Barney'
'Rosedale Genevieve'
'Rosedale Tractor Seat'
'Royal Tiara'
'Sea Sapphire'
'Sea Thunder'
'Shadow Waltz'
'Show Me'
'Silver Tiara'
'Snow Cap'
'Stitch in Time'
'Summer Snow'
'Sweet Dreams'
'Sweet Jill'
'Time Traveler'
'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Totally Awe Sum'
'Uzu-no-mai Fukurin'
'Whipped Cream'
'White Christmas'
'White Feather'
'White Hot'
'White Surprise'
'Winter Lightning'
'Zager's Tokudama'
'Zebra Stripes'

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