Hosta Affected by Edema

One problem that affects certain hosta cultivars has been traditionally labeled as "spring desiccation burn," as seen on the brown areas that develop on the gold margin of 'Frances Williams'. The non-yellow portions of the leaf are not affected. This is a genetic problem in which excess water collects in the leaf tissue during cold, rainy days in early spring. The plant cells die and turn white, and then eventually rusty brown.

Bill Meyer wrote,

"I don't know how the word 'burn' came to be associated with this, but it is caused by edema - too much water in the leaves on cold rainy days. On the rainy days it looks like it is water-soaked as cells are bursting in the leaves. The next day the water is gone, and a week or so later the dead cells start turning whitish, then tan, then brown. If you go out on a cold rainy day you'll see it in the leaves. It only happens in spring when the leaves are still soft. Ones that do better in a lot of shade may be getting less water from the rain being blocked."

Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done to prevent the browning caused by "spring desiccation burn". Some years will be better than others depending on the weather. The best alternative is to plant "non-burning" cultivars.

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