Trademarked Hostas

Hosta Trade Names

Trade names are sometimes used in the nursery industry as common names for various hosta cultivars. These names should be in all capital letters and quotation marks should not be used. However, they often are improperly written with single quotes like cultivar names. Here are the most commonly found trade names.

BLUE GIANT (H. sieboldiana 'Elegans')
GOLD CROWN ('Fortunei Aureomarginata')
POLAR MOON ('Clifford's Polar Moon')
SIBERIAN TIGER ('Amime Tachi') - Breck's
SILVER CROWN ('Fortunei Albomarginata')
SILVER EDGER (H. sieboldii)
TWINKLES ('Fortunei Aurea')
WHITE BAND ('Undulata Albomarginata')
YELLOW BAND ('Fortunei Aureomarginata')

Hosta Trademarks

A hosta name is occasionally trademarked and is indicated so by using "TM" after the name. If a trademark name is filed with the USPTO, then a ® symbol is shown afterward. Trademarked names are generally capitalized, just like trade names. Below is a list of names which have been trademarked, including some which have been dropped.

BLUE BOUNTYTM ('Blue Vision') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
BLUE DEWTM ('First Frost') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
CHEESECAKETM ('Allan P. McConnell') - Martha Stewart/ Kmart
CITRINE SUPREMETM ('Orange Marmalade') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
FROSTY RIBBONS® ('MonLisa' PP#25,958) - Monrovia Nursery Co.
GOLDMINETM ('Rainforest Sunrise') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
HAPPY HIPPOTM ('Tokudama Flavocircinalis') - Centerton Nursery/ Blew Label Perennials
HEAVEN SCENTTM ('Heaven Scent')- Walters Gardens
IRISH DIAMONDSTM ('Allan P. McConnell') - Centerton Nursery/ Blew Label Perennials
LA VISTATM ('Bedazzled') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
LEPRECHAUN'S LOOTTM ('Northern Exposure') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
NORTHERN HALOTM ('Northern Halo')- Walters Gardens
NORTHERN LIGHTSTM ('Northern Lights')- Walters Gardens
NORTHERN MISTTM ('Northern Mist')- Walters Gardens
NORTHERN SUNRAYTM ('Northern Sunray')- Walters Gardens
PURPLE SENSATION ('Stirfry')- various Dutch nurseries
SHADOWLAND® - a collection of hostas by Walters Gardens, marketed by Proven Winners
SILVER STARTM (rectifolia 'Ginbuchi Tachi')- K. Muroya/ Q & Z Nursery
STEAL THE LIMELIGHTTM ('Morning Light') - HGTV HOME/ Agricola Management Group
SUNDANCERTM ('Bersun')- Leo Berbee
SUNHOSTATM('Host Sun 08')- Bernard Chodyla/ Gro-Link
WHITE SHOULDERSTM ('White Shoulders')- Walters Gardens

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