Hosta Name Wordplays

A wordplay is a clever and witty use of words and meaning with the intent to amuse. One example is a pun, which makes use of words that have more than one meaning, or words that sound similar but have different meanings, to create a humorous effect.

Hosta Name / Wordplay for

'Bee a Friend' / Be a Friend
'Bee Glorified' / Be Glorified
'Bee Jeweled' / Be Jeweled
'Bee Still My Heart' / Be Still, My Heart
'Blue My Mind' / Blew My Mind
'Dark Knight' / Dark Night
'Dear Heart' / Deer Heart
'Designer Genes' / Designer Jeans
'Dippity Dew' / Dippity Do
'Egypt Me Too' / He Gypped Me Too
'Eye Declare' / I Declare
'Eye Never' / I Never
'Fore Sail' / For Sale
'Green Jeans' / Green Genes
'Heaven Scent' / Heaven Sent
'Holy Mole' / Holy Moly
'I Bluit' / I Blew It
'Iszat U Doc' / Is that you, doc?
'Kiss Me Kwick' / Kiss Me Quick
'Kiss Me Kwick and Don't Slobber' / Kiss Me Quick and Don't Slobber
'Kwickie' / Quickie
'Pharaoh's Fawcett' / Farrah Fawcett
'Prairie Sum Shine' / Prairie Sunshine
'Reddy Eddy' / Ready Eddy
'Rough Knight' / Rough Night
'Striptease' / Strip Tease
'Sum Cup-o-Joe' / Some cup o' joe
'Sum Enchanted Evening' / Some Enchanted Evening
'Sum Like it Hot' / Some Like it Hot
'Sum More Magic' / Some More Magic
'Tattle Tails' / Tattletales
'To Dye For' / To Die For
'Totally Awe Sum' / Totally Awesome
'Valley's Mourning Sun' / Valley's Morning Sun
'Waiting in Vein' / Waiting in Vain
'Waukon Thin Ice' / Walk on Thin Ice
'Waukon Glass' / Walk on Glass
'Waukon Golden Pond' / Walk on Golden Pond
'Waukon the Moon' / Walk on the Moon
'Waukon Water' / Walk on Water
'Wrede, White and Blue' / Red, White and Blue
'You're So Vein' / You're So Vain

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