Convention Themes

AHS convention themes:

1987 in Wilmington, DE, "Sharing"
1988 in Jackson, MI, 1989 in Indianapolis, IN, "Back Home Again in Indiana"
1990 in Minneapolis, MN, 1991 in Raleigh, NC, "Springtime in Carolina"
1992 in Columbus, OH, "Discover Columbus"
1993 in Cedar Rapids, IA, "The Silver Anniversary Tour"
1994 in Atlanta, GA, "Southern Hostatality"
1995 in Falls Church, VA, "A Capital Event"
1996 in Portland, OR, "Pacific Interlude"
1997 in Indianapolis, IN, "Hoosier Homecoming"
1998 in Peoria, IL, "Prairieland Memories"
1999 in Ann Arbor, MI, "Encore"
2000 in Minneapolis, MN, "Northern Delights"
2001 in Raleigh, NC, "2001: A Hosta Odd-yssey"
2002 in Spokane, WA, "Northwest Textures"
2003 in Falls Church, VA, "A Monumental Moment"
2004 in Des Moines, IA, "A Shady Affair"
2005 in Cleveland, OH, "Hosta Heartland"
2006 in Philadelphia, PA, "Hostas by Design"
2007 in Indianapolis, IN, "The Greatest Spectacle in Hosta"
2008 in St. Louis, MO, "Meet Me in St. Louis"
2009 in Lansing, MI, "Great Gardens, Great Friends"
2010 in Minneapolis, MN, "Stars of the North"
2011 in Marlborough, MA, "Hostas & Heritage"
2012 in Nashville, TN, "Hostas, Friends, and Music"
2013 in Milwaukee, WI, "Escape to Wisconsin"
2014 in Cedar Rapids, IA, "Czech It Out!"
2015 in Raleigh, NC, "Back to the Future"
2016 in St. Louis, MO, "Gateway to the Gardens"
2017 in Indianapolis, IN, "Hosta Hysteria!"
2018 in Philadelphia, PA, "Phifty in Philly"
2019 in Green Bay, WI, "Hostaffinity: Where Friends & Foliage Meet"
2020 in Minneapolis, MN, "Hosta Vision 20/20"; convention postponed to 2022
2021 in Kalamazoo, MI, "Hosta Smitten in the Mitten"; virtual
2022 in Minneapolis, MN, "Hosta Vision 2022"
2023 in Ames, Iowa, "Fields of Hosta Dreams"
2024 in Marlborough, MA,

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