Lutescent Hostas

Hostas which become more gold during the growing season.

'A Dash of Lemon'
'Abiqua Recluse'
'Academy Fire'
'Alice Gladden'
'Apple Candy'
'Arnold Black'
'Aspen Gold'
'Atypical Blonde'
'August Moon'
'Banana Pepper'
'Benji's Gold'
'Betty's Glory'
'Bibb Lettuce'
'Birchwood Parky's Gold'
'Bitsy Gold'
'Blonde Ambition'
'Blonde Elf'
'Bohemia Yellow Corvette'
'Boyz Toy'
'Bright-eyed Ellie'
'Brodie's Bonanza'
'Buffalo Amber Waves'
'Cabin Boy'
'Cair Paravel'
'California Goldrush'
'Cheese Ball'
'Cheese Louise'
'Cherry Tart'
'Choo Choo Train'
'Christmas Gold'
'City Lights'
'Coast to Coast'
'Colleen Marie'
'Continental Divide'
'Country Corn'
'Country Sun Drop'
'Crystal Glaze'
'Dee's Golden Jewel'
'Dim Sum'
'Drawn Butter'
'Dream Angel'
'Ellie Marie'
'Eola Salad Bowl'
'Eye Never'
'Frisian Desert'
'Frisian Two-color'
'Floral Dance'
'Fragrant Gold'
'Frosted June'
'Generous Heart'
'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears'
'Glad Tidings'
'Gold Country'
'Gold Drop'
'Gold Edger'
'Gold Regal'
'Gold Standard'
'Golden Ballerina'
'Golden Empress'
'Golden Medallion'
'Golden Prayers'
'Golden Scepter'
'Golden Sculpture'
'Golden Waffles'
'Gosan Gold Sword'
'Great Lakes Gold'
'Hammered Gold'
'Harper Grace'
'Herbal Tea'
'High Fidelity'
'High Noon'
'Holmen Class of '59'
'I am Lady Ruby'
'I Dream of Jeanne'
'Je Suis'
'Jimmy Crack Corn'
'Jipson Place Summer Solstice'
'Journey's End'
'Kayleigh's Sunshine'
'Key Lime'
'King Tut'
'Kiss Me Farewell'
'Kiss Me Kwick'
'Kiwi Crinkles'
'Kiwi Fresh Salad'
'Kiwi Gold Rush'
'Kwick's Golden Ladder'
'Lady Anna-Quin'
'Lakeside Frosted Mint'
'Lakeside San Ho Tia'
'Lakeside San Kao'
'Lemon Ice'
'Lemon Love Note'
'Leon's Neon'
'Little Black Scape'
'Little Miss Magic'
'Lucy's Breeder'
'Marlu's Clayton'
'Marlu's Ronald Wayne'
'Maui Buttercups'
'Maya Swingtime'
'Mayflower Moon'
'Meredith Faith'
'Midas Mouse'
'Midas Touch'
'Midwest Gold'
'Mirror Mirror'
'Misty Morning'
'Moon Waves'
'Oberland Advanced
'Ohh! Jewell'
'Pale Rider'
'Paradise Stripes'
'Paradise Tritone'
'Patriot's Fire'
'Paul's Glory'
'Pebble Creek'
'PeeDee Dew Catcher'
'PeeDee Gold Catcher'
'PeeDee Picotee'
'Piedmont Gold'
'Pineapple Juice'
'Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'
'Prairie Fire'
'Radar Love'
'Rags to Riches'
'Raspberry Meringue'
'Regal Tot'
'Rich Uncle'
'Richland Gold'
'River of Gold'
'Rosedale Robert Hackbarth'
'Ruffed Up'
'Scarlet O'Hara'
'Sea Gulf Stream'
'She Don't Know She's Beautiful'
'Sir Adam'
'Small Sum'
'Smiling Susan'
'Solar Flare'
'Squash Casserole'
'Starboard Light'
'Streets of Gold'
'Sulfur Butterfly'
'Sum and Substance'
'Sun Power'
'Sun Safari'
'Super Bowl'
'Sutter's Mill'
'Sweet Sunshine'
'Temperature Rising'
'The B and C Rislers'
'The Gambler'
'Tickle Me Pink'
'Tiffney's Gold Digger'
'Tijuana Brass'
'Tortilla Chip'
'Valley's Golden Mistral'
'Valley's Goldstriker'
'Valley's Yellow Bird'
'Vanilla Cream'
'Viking Sunshine'
'Waiting in Vein'
'Warrior Princess'
'White Lightning'
'White Vision'
'Winfield Gold'
'Xanadu Passion's Fruit'
'Yellow Dog'
'Yesterday's Memories'

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