Very Small Hostas

The American Hosta Society currently has no size category for very small hostas. The following list includes hostas which are slightly larger than miniature hostas, with a leaf blade area of about 6.0 square inches (39 sq cm) to about 10.0 square inches (64 sq cm).

The following list aims to be as inclusive as possible, presenting all plants which may qualify as very small hostas, either by registered dimensions or by field measurements.

It should be noted that this list includes some cultivars which are at the lower size limit for very small hosta. So, in effect, the list of very small hostas may overlap somewhat with the list of miniature hostas.

'A Dash of Lemon'
'Abba Tops'
'Abiqua Ground Cover'
'Abiqua Jim Dandy'
'Academy Little Pother'
'Academy Subtle Sally'
'Allan P. McConnell'
'Amethyst Chip'
'Amethyst Gem'
'Amy Aden'
'An Arrow for Easton'
'Angel from Montgomery'
'Ani Machi'
'Anne Arett'
'Apple Court'
'Artist's Palette'
'Azure Gem'
'Baby Blue Eyes'
'Baby Bunting'
'Baby Sunspot'
'Banana Puddin'
'Beaujolais Wine'
'BEAuty from Poland'
'Betty Darling'
'Birchwood Gem'
'Bitsy Blue'
'Bitsy Gold'
'Bitsy Green'
'Bitter Lemons'
'Blackberry Tart'
'Blonde Ambition'
'Blonde Elf'
'Blue Beard'
'Blue Biscuit'
'Blue Cadet'
'Blue Chip'
'Blue Elf'
'Blue Eyes'
'Blue Hearts'
'Blue Line'
'Blue Moon'
'Blue Mouse Ears'
'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme'
'Blue Sliver'
'Blue Tinge'
'Blue Vamp'
'Bob Olson'
'Bohemia Fatty Manzo'
'Boogie Woogie'
'Border Favourite'
'Bottle Rockets'

'Bowl of Plenty'
'Boyz Toy'
'Brentwood Blues'
'Buffalo Amber Waves'
'Buffalo Black Soup'
'Buffalo Ice Mouse'
'Busia's Choice'
'Candy Box'
'Carol Marie'
'Carrie Ann'
'Cathy's Clown'
'Champagne and Caviar'
'Change of Heart'
'Changing Moods'
'Charlotte's Web'
'Chartreuse Wiggles'
'Cheatin Heart'
'Celadon Rainbow'
'Cherries a la Mode'
'Cherry Bomb'
'Cherry Tart'
'Cherry Tart Surprise'
'Chi-Town Classic'
'Childhood Sweetheart'
'Chishima Iwa'
'Chocolate Mint'
'Citric Star'
'City Dog'
'Coach Terry Paustian'
'Coconut Custard'
'Con Te Partiro'
'Costume Change'
'Cracker Crumbs'
'Cracker Jack'
'Cream Cheese'
'Crepe Soul'
'Crepe Suzette'
'Crow's Nest'
'Crown Jewel'
'Crumb Cake'
'Crystal Dixie'
'Cupid's Bow'
'Curly Locks'
'Dark Continent'
'Devon Gold'
'Dew Drop'
'Dinky Donna'
'Dinner Mint'
'Dixie Chick'

'Dixie Chick Green'
'Dixie Chickadee'
'Dixie Joy'
'Dixie Pixie'
'Don't Envy Me'
'Dragon Tails'
'Dumb Blonde'
'Edina Queen'
'Early Sunrise'
'Elfin Charm'
'Elfin Power'
'Elfin Princess'
'Ellie Bee'
'Emerald Carpet'
'Emerald City Chick'
'Emerald Gem'
'Emerald Isle'
'Emerald Ripples'
'Emerald Scepter'
'Emeralds and Rubies'
'Eola Salad Bowl'
'Fairway Green'
'Faithful Heart'
'Fancy Ripples'
'Fantasy Island'
'Feather Boa'
'Field Rat'
'First Grandchild'
'First Light'
'Flame Tiara'
'Forest Shadows'
'Foxfire Snake Eyes'
'Fragrant Tot'
'Frensham Cinnamon Turnover'
'Frensham Firebolt'
'Frensham Lost Stork'
'Frensham Redcurrant Jelly'
'Friday Morning Coffee'
'Frilly Fantasy'
'Frog Milhouse'
'Frosted Mini Hearts'
'Frosted Mini-muffins'
'Frosted Mouse Ears'
'Fruit Cup'
'Fruit Loop'
'Fused Veins'
'Geisha Limey Streaks'
'Giantland Mouse Cheese'
'Glen Tiara'
'Gold Bug'
'Gold Cover'

'Gold Drop'
'Gold Edger Supreme'
'Gold Heart'
'Gold Petite'
'Goldee's Flopsy Mopsy'
'Golden Child'
'Golden Hawk'
'Golden Jubilee'
'Golden Needles'
'Golden Spades'
'Golden Tiara'
'Golden Tiers'
'Golden Woge'
'Goldfish Cracker'
'Gosan Gold Mist'
'Gosan Gold Sword'
'Gosan Hildegarde'
'Gosan Leather Strap'
gracillima 'Shirofukurin Hime Iwa'
'Green Elf'
'Green Fingers'
'Green Line'
'Green Point'
'Green Mouse Ears'
'Green Wiggles'
'Green with Envy'
'Greenie Weenie Bikini'
'Ground Sulphur'
'Gum Drop'
'Gypsy's Boa'
'Hadspen Heron'
'Haku Chu Han'
'Hands Up'
'Happy Accident'
'Hart's Tongue'
'Harvest Dawn'
'Heather Hill'
'Heart and Soul'
'Heart Broken'
'Heart's Galore'
'Hervester Smaragd'
'Hidden Cove'
'High Wire'
'Hime Karafuto'
'Hirao Elite'
'Holy Mouse Ears'
'Hydon Gleam'
'Hydon Sunrise'
'Hydon Sunset'
'Ice Cream'
'Ice Cube'
'Illicit Affair'
'Inca Gold'
'Indy Parade Lap'
'Iszat U Emmerson'
'It's a Jungle Out There'
'Itty Blue'
'Itty Gold'
'Itty Rainbow'
'Jelly Bean'
'Jelly Belly'
'Jennifer's Green Eyes'
'Joy Adams'
'June Bug'
'Junior Miss'
'Just So'
'Kayleigh's Sunshine'
'Ki Nakafu Otome'
'Kifukurin Otome'
'Kifukurin Ubatake'
'Kiss of Innocence'
'Kiwi Jordan'
'Kiwi Minnie Gold'
'Kristie Axmear'
'Krossa Cream Edge'
'Kwick's Perky Purple Pixie'
'La Donna'
'Lakeside Baby Face'
'Lakeside Chick-a-Lick'
'Lakeside Circle O'
'Lakeside Dimpled Darling'
'Lakeside Doodad'
'Lakeside Dot Com'
'Lakeside Explosion'
'Lakeside Fruit Loops'
'Lakeside Gold Point'
'Lakeside Hoola Hoop'
'Lakeside Knickknack'
'Lakeside Lime Time'
'Lakeside Little Gem'
'Lakeside Little Tuft'
'Lakeside Lollipop'
'Lakeside Miss Muffet'
'Lakeside Neat Petite'
'Lakeside Ninita'
'Lakeside Paddywack'
'Lakeside Pin Cushion'
'Lakeside Ragtime'
'Lakeside Small Fry'
'Lakeside Tough Guy'
'Lakeside Twiddle Dee'
'Lakeside Whizzit'
'Lakeside Zing Zang'
'Lakeside Zinger'
'Lars of Mars'
'Laterna Magica'
'Lemon Crissy'
'Lemon Delight'
'Lemon Frost'
'Lemon Kiss'
'Lemon Lime'
'Lemon Love Note'
'Lemon Sorbet'
'Lemon Zest'
'Lettuce Wrap'
'Li'l Smooch'
'Lightning Bug'
'Lightning Storm'
'Lights Up'
'Lime Regis'
'Lime Shag'
'Lime Sours'
'Lime Tiara'
'Limey Lisa'
'Lisa Marie'
'Little Alice'
'Little Ann'
'Little Bo Peep'
'Little Caesar'
'Little Dart'
'Little Green Griffonage'
'Little Jay'
'Little Jill'
'Little Kitten'
'Little Lights'
'Little Lites'
'Little Luke'
'Little Miss Magic'
'Little Miss Muffet'
'Little Pan'
'Little Patriot'
'Little Petite'
'Little Rascal'
'Little Razor'
'Little Spike'
'Little Sunspot'
'Little Suzie'
'Little Town Flirt'
'Little Treasure'
'Little Tykes'
'Little White Lines'
'Little Willie'
'Little Women'
'Little Wonder'
'Little Wonder Streaked'
'Little Wonder Supreme'
'Lizard Lick'
'Lois Jane'
'Long Beard'
longipes var. caduca
longipes var. lancea
longissima var. brevifolia
longissima var. longifolia
'Lotte's Love'
'Love Bug'
'Love Child'
'Love Poem'
'Lovey Dovey'
'Lyme Regis'
'Made in Spades'
'Magic Carpet'
'Magic Colors'
'Magna Carta'
'March for Life'
'Margaret Mary Tiara'
'Margie Weissenberger'
'Marlu's Eliza June'
'Marlu's Sandra Jill'
'Mary Marie Ann'
'Maui Blue Kitten'
'May Moon'
'Mentor Gold'
'Merry Men'
'Michael's Legacy'
'Mighty Mini'
'Mighty Mite'
'Mighty Moe'
'Mighty Mouse'
'Mighty Special'
'Mini Face'
'Mini Ha Ha'
'Mini Man'

'Minnie Bell'
'Minnie Pearl'
minor "Goldbrook Form"
'Mint Chip'
'Mishima Fukurin Koba'
'Mixed Nuts'
'Moon Shadow'
'Mouse Metamorphosis'
'Mr. Osami'
'Mrs. Beasley'
'Mrs. Mouse Ears'
'Munchkin Madness'
'My Precious'
'My Secret'
'Nakafu Tsugaru Komachi'
'Nathan's Legacy'
'Not So'
'Oh My Darling'
'Orange Joy'
'Osiris Petit Prince'
'Ototo San'
'Outhouse Delight'
'Oxford Blue Top'
'Pacific Lace'
'Painted Lady'
'Pandora's Box'
'Paradise Passion'
'Paradise Sunset'
'Party Streamers'
'Pass the Butter'
'Paxton's Original'
'Peace Pipe'

'Pearl Necklace'
'PeeDee Gold Flash'
'PeeDee Graymulkin'
'PeeDee Spring Fever'
'PeeDee Treasure'
'Pelham Blue Tump'
'Penny Lane'
'Persian Red'
'Petite Gold'
'Peyton Augusta'
'Piccadilly Snow Mound'
'Pike's Peak'
'Pink Panther'
'Pitter Patter'
'Pixie Moonbeam'
'Pixie Moonstone'
'Pixie Power'
'Pixie Vamp'
'Plebe's Blues'
'Plug Nickel'
'Plumb Bob'
'Pooh Bear'
'Pretty Posey'
'Prince of Aquitain'
pulchella "Onada Type II"
'Pure Heart'
'Purple Dwarf'
'Purple Bow Tie'
'Purple Lady Finger'
'Purple Perfection'
'Quarter Note'
'Queen Isabella'
'Radio Waves'
'Ray of Hope'
'Red Cadet'
'Redneck Mardi Gras'
'Regal Tot'
'Rim Rock'
'Rock Princess'
'Rocknoll Blue Dwarf'
'Rosedale Alligator Tail'
'Rosedale Lightning'
'Rosedale Tick Tock'

'Royal Mouse Ears'
'Ruffled Mouse Ears'
'Saishu Jima Closed'
'Saizaki Hime Iwa'
'Sally Hoffman'
'Saw Mill'
'Schroedinger's Cat'
'Sea Angel'
'Sea Gull'
'Sea Sprite'
'Sea Wiggles'
'Seneca' (Tobey)
'Serendipity Singer'
'Sherborne Swift'
'Shere Khan'
'Shimmers in the Moonlight'
'Shining Tot'
'Shiny Penny'
'Shiro Kabitan'
'Shirobana Keirin'
'Shirobuchi Koba'
'Shirofukurin Hosoba Mizu'
'Silly String'
'Silver Fox'
'Silver Streak'
'Silver Threads and Golden Needles'
'Silver Tiara'
'Skinny Dippin'
'Slim and Trim'
'Slim Polly'
'Small Parts'
'Smalltown Boy'
'Smuggler's Cove'
'Snow Flakes'
'Snow Flurry'
'Snow Mouse'
'Spartan Arrow'
'Spingarn's Japan'
'Spring Lace'
'Squad Car'
'Stormy Dance'
'Strawberry Yogurt'
'Sugar Babe'
'Sugar Plum Fairy'
'Sun Mouse'
'Sunny Tiara'
'Surfer Girl'
'Surfing Mouse'
'Surprised by Joy'
'Sweet Blonde Babe'
'Tardiflora Hybrida'
'Tears of the Sun'
'Terra Haute'
'The Ambassador'
'The Razor's Edge'
'The Twister'
'Thumb Nail'
'Tick Tock'
'Tiki Bar'
'Timeless Beauty'
'Tiny Alice'
'Tiny Bubbles'
'Tiny Dancer'
'Tiny Tears'
'Tiny Temple Chimes'
'Tongue Twister'
'Tsugaru Komachi'
'Tsuma Tajima'
'Tucker Wave'
'Twinkle Little Star'
'Twinkle Toes'
'Twist and Flip'
'Twist of Lime'
'Twist Tie'
'Two Thumbs Up'
'Uniquely Catawampus'
'Valley's Chute-the-Chute'
'Valley's Liquid Green'
'Valley's Secret Cove'
'Vanilla Chip'
'Vanilla Cream'
venusta "Anderson Form"
'Vera Verde'
'Verkade's One'
'Verkade's Two'
'Virginia Reel'
'Warwick Petite'
'Wee One'
'What's Up Doc'
'White Dove'
'White Mule'
'White Princess'
'Wiggles and Squiggles'
'Wild Strawberries'
'Wild Thing'
'Wild World of Sportsman'
'Wily Willy'
'Wind River Gold'
'Wonder Woman'
'Wrinkle in Time'
'Yellow Boa'
'Yellow Jacket'
'Yellow Submarine'
'Yellow Surprise'
'You Are My Sunshine'
'ZIP Code'
'Zypunic Finale'

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