The following species and cultivars have been reported to have scapes at least 48" - (1.2m) tall.

Those with scapes which exceed 72" - (1.8m) are indicated with an asterisk (*).

'1st and Ten'
'Abiqua Pagoda'
'Abiqua Parasol'
'Academy Galadriel'
'Academy Mallorn'
'American Chippewa'
'Beauty Substance'
'Bill Brincka' ('Opipara')
'Blue Moonlight Cup'
'Bobbie Sue'
'Bodacious Blue'
'Border Patrol'
'Borsch 1'
'Borsch 4'
'Bottom Line'
* 'Cally Colossus'
* 'Canadian Foreign Affairs'
'Carved Complexity'
'Chartreuse Wedge'
'Chief White Cloud'
* 'Chirifu Oba'
'Chodai Ginba'
'Chodai Ginyo'
* 'Cloud Sweeper'
'Crispula Viridis'
'Cross Stitch'
'Daily Joy'
'David A. Haskell'
'Devon Tor'
'Dr John'
'Dragon Wings'
'Eden's Ruff and Tuff'
* 'Elatior'
*'Elatior Falls'
'Empress Wu'
'Final Summation'

'Flower Power'
'Fluted Fountain'
'Forever Young'
'Fran Godfrey'
*'Friar Fritz'
'Friar Tuck'
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
'Friendly Dragon'
'Frosty the Snowman'
'Garnet Prince'
'Gay Search'
'Generous Jeff'
'Genesee Watchtower'
'Gentle Giant'
'Give Me Room'
'Glen Eyeful Tower'
'Glen Fetish'
'Glen Triumph'
'Gold Piece'
'Golden Piecrust'
'Grant Park'
* 'Green Dragonet'
'Green Gables'
'Green Machine'
'Green Piecrust'
'Green Wedge'
'Grey Piecrust'
'Grüne Dame'
'Gunther's Prize'
'Hairline Fracture'
'Hans Solo'
"Hatsushimo Seedling"
'Hauser Wide Leaf'
'Hirao Majesty'
'His Honor'
'Holly's Velvet Piecrust'
'Honey Hill Sealing Wax'
'Honeysong Dream Edge'
'Honeysong Regal'
'Humpback Whale'

'Hunter V. Berthelot'
'Imperial Majesty'
'Irish Cream'
'Irish Hills'
'Jade Cascade'
'Jade Lancer'
* 'Justice'
'Justin Tyme'
'Key West'
'Kifukurin Kiyosumi'
* 'Kiwi Leap Frog'
'Klaus von Klitzing'
'Krossa Dressa'
'Krossa Regal'
'Kuk's Concoction'
'Lakeside Fancy Pants'
'Lakeside Maestro'
'Lakeside Ripples'
'Lakeside Spellbinder'
'Lakeside Surf Rider'
'Leading Lady'
'M. Owen Papuga'
'Marbled Cream'
* 'Marbled White'
'Mary Lou'
'Mary Scholl'
'Mesa Verde'
* 'Metropolis'
'Midnight Dream'
'Ming Jade'
'Mississippi Mud'
'Missouri Mud'
montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Mount Daisen'
'Mount Fuji'
'Mountain Haze'
'Mountain Man'
'Mountain Pride'
'Niagara on the Lake'
* nigrescens
'Number One'
'Ogon Oba'
'Ogon Tachi'
'Old Faithful'
'PeeDee Apollo'
'Phyllis Campbell'
'Presence of Mind'
'Primal Fear'
'Primal Scream'
'Pro Tek Tor'
'Regal Chameleon'
'Regal Heir'
'Regal Promenade'
'Regal Providence'
'Regal Rhubarb'
'Regal Splash'
'Regal Splendor'
'Regal Supreme'
'Regal Twist'
'Rise and Shine'
'River of Gold'
'Robust Giant'
'Rosedale Golden Arches'
'Rosedale Waterwheel'
'Royal Regal Rhubarb'
* 'Russ O'Harra'
'Sails Ho'
'Satin Beauty'
'Scott Andrew'
'Sherwood Forest'
'Silver Anniversary'
'Sky High'
'Sky King'
'Something Good'
'Southern Comfort'
'Spartan Glory'
'Splendid Reign'
'Statue of Liberty'
* 'Stingray'
'Sum and Substance'
'Sum It Up'
'Sum of All'
'Sum Total'
'Sum Whopper'
'Sun Banner'
'Sun Safari'
* 'Sunami'
'Sunfish Blue'
'Supreme Court Justice'
'Susie Chamberlain'
'Taj Mahal'
* 'Tall Boy'
'Temple Great'
'Tenny Up'
* 'Tenryu'
'Thai Brass'
'The Godfather'
'Tiffney's Godzilla'
'Tom Schmid'
'Top Brass'
'Touch the Sky'
'Trail of Tears'
'Ulysses S. Grant'
'Unchained Melody'
'Unexpected Song'
'Valley's Big Freeze'
'Valley's Dolce Vita'
'Valley's Love Cats'
'Valley's Magnum'
'Variable Sum'
* 'Victory'
'Vim and Vigor'
'Waving Wuffles'
'White Necklace'
'White On'
'White Triumphator'
'Winter Snow'
'Wylde Green Angel'
'Yellow Dog'
'Yellow Flash'
'Zippy Zepps'

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