Hosta Convention Plants

AHS convention plants:

1968 in Swarthmore, PA, none
1969 in Roslyn, NY, none
1970 in Des Moines, IA, none
1971 in Mansfield, OH, none
1972 in Minneapolis, MN, none
1973 in Omaha, NE, none
1974 in Roslyn, NY, none
1975 Regionals organized
1976 in Mansfield, OH, none
1977 Midwest Mini-meet, Minneapolis, MN, none
1978 in Charlotte, NC, none
1979 Long Island Mini-meet, New York, NY, none
1980 in Minneapolis, MN, none
1981 Midwest Mini-meet, Iowa City, IA, none
1982 in Raleigh, NC, none
1983 Long Island Mini-meet, New York, NY, none
1984 in Birmingham, AL, none
1985 Ohio Mini-meet, Chesterland, OH, none
1986 in Columbus, OH, none
1987 in Wilmington, DE, none
1988 in Jackson, MI, none
1989 in Indianapolis, IN, none
1990 in Minneapolis, MN, none
1991 in Raleigh, NC, 'Raleigh Remembrance'
1992 in Columbus, OH, none
1993 in Cedar Rapids, IA, none
1994 in Atlanta, GA, none
1995 in Falls Church, VA, 'Potomac Pride'
1996 in Portland, OR, none
1997 in Indianapolis, IN, 'Hoosier Homecoming'
1998 in Peoria, IL, 'Prairieland Memories'
1999 in Ann Arbor, MI, 'Encore'
2000 in Minneapolis, MN, 'Blue Chip'
2001 in Raleigh, NC, 'Carolina Sunshine'
        ('Party Favor' supplied to convention-goers by Green Hill Farm)
2002 in Spokane, WA, 'Northwest Textures'
2003 in Falls Church, VA, 'Fallen Angel'
2004 in Des Moines, IA, 'Shady Affair'
2005 in Cleveland, OH, 'Miki'
2006 in Philadelphia, PA, 'Designer Genes'
2007 in Indianapolis, IN, 'Indy Finish Line', 'Indy Parade Lap',
       and 'Indy Winner's Circle'
2008 in St. Louis, MO, 'Spirit of St. Louis'
2009 in Lansing, MI, 'Amazing Grace'
2010 in Minneapolis, MN, various hostas
2011 in Marlborough, MA, 'Mayflower Moon'
2012 in Nashville, TN, 'Delona's Smile'
2013 in Milwaukee, WI, 'The Fonz', 'The High Life'
2014 in Cedar Rapids, IA, 'Czech It Out'
2015 in Raleigh, NC, 'Carolina Keepsake'
2016 in St. Louis, MO, 'Gateway Arch', 'Honey Bee'
2017 in Indianapolis, IN, 'Golden Meadows', 'Great Escape',
       'Indy Fan Favorite'
2018 in Philadelphia, PA, 'The Big Five-oh'
2019 in Green Bay, WI, 'Friend's Forever', 'Golden Harmony'
2020 in Minneapolis, MN,

MRHS convention plants:

1997 in Des Moines, IA, 'Gypsy's Boa'
1998 in Omaha, NE, 'Shady Choice'
1999 in Chicago (Schaumburg), IL, 'Sweet Home Chicago'
2000 in Cedar Rapids, IA, 'Slick Willie'
2001 in Peoria, IL, 'Lakeside Rocky Top'
2002 in Madison, WI, 'Ice Age Trail'
2003 in St. Louis, MO, 'Show Me'
2004 in Dubuque, IA, 'Great River Sonata' (= 'Sagae')
2005 in Springfield, MO, 'Ozark Welcome'
2006 in Milwaukee, WI, 'Rootin Tootin'
2007 in Davenport, IA, 'Bix Blues'
2008 in Schaumburg, IL, 'Chi-Town Classic'
2009 in Champaign, IL, 'Prairie Sum Shine'
2010 in Des Moines, IA, 'American Gothic'
2011 in Madison, WI, 'Dragon of the Seas'
2012 in Rochester, MN, 'Candy Kisses'
2013 in Lisle, IL, 'Emerald Charger', 'Jabulani'
2014 in Green Bay, WI, 'Cheesehead'
2015 in Dubuque, IA, 'Rendezvous', 'The Gathering'
2016 in Champaign, IL, no convention plant
2017 in Olathe, KS, 'Wizard of Ahhhs'
2018 in Peoria, IL, 'Playin' Peoria'

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