Glossy-Leaved Hostas

* extremely glossy

'0 Sum Game'
'Abiqua Jim Dandy'
* 'Abiqua Recluse'
'Academy Green Bid Paddles'
'Academy Mavrodaphne'
'Academy Purple Orb'
'Academy Shiny Vase'
'Alien Technology'
'All that Jazz'
'Alligator Rock'
'Ani Machi'
'Apple Candy'
'Apple Pie'
'Austin Dickinson'
'Autumn Fire'
'Autumn Joy'
'Bachelor Party'
'Bailey's Cream'
'Beauty Substance'
'Because of Art'
'Bedford's Rise and Shine'
'Bennie McRae'
'Best Man'
'Betsy King'
'Bi Yu Jin Guang'
'Big B'
'Big Puck'
'Birchwood Parky's Gold'
'Bitsy Green'
'Black Light'
'Blonde Ambition'
'Blue Prince'
'Blue Princess'
'Bobbie Sue'
'Bohemia Salamander'
'Border Bandit'
'Bottle Glass'
'Bottle Rockets'
'Bottom Line'
'Branching Out'
'Brodie's Bonanza'
'Brother Don'
'Bud Lite'
'Buffalo Black Soup'
'Building a Dream'
'Butternut Hill'
'Caesar Salad'

'Calamity Jane'
'Canadian Shield'
'Candy Hearts'
'Candy Kisses'
'Canterbury Tales'
'Capitol Hill'
'Carolina Keepsake'
'Carolina Sunshine'
'Catherine the Great'
'Celtic Bouquet'
'Celtic Uplands'
'Change of Tradition'
'Cherries Jubilee'
'Chic Boutique'
'Chickadee' (Avent)
'Childhood Sweetheart'
'Chocolate Mint'
'Chris' China Star'
'Chris' Moving Ruffles'
'Christmas Cup'
'Cinnamon Sticks'
'Citric Star'
* 'City Slicker'
'Classic Delight'
clausa var. clausa
clausa var. ensata
clausa var. normalis
clausa var. normalis "Jilin"
clausa var. stolonifera
'Clean Green'
'Coal Black'
'Colesburg Frogger'
'Cosmic Eye Candy'
'Cosmic Knuckles'
'Cosmic Little Elf'
'Cosmic Shine'
'Cowboy Drinking Cup'
'Cracker Crumbs'
'Cranberries and Cream'
'Cranberry Wine'
'Crazy Spirit'
'Creature from the
 Green Lagoon'
'Crocodile Queen'
'Crumb Cake'
'Crystal Dixie'
'Daisy's Mom'

'Dan Patch'
'Dang Awesome'
'Dark Continent'
'Dark Forest'
'Dark Prince'
'Dark Treasure'
'Dark Vader'
'Darwin's Standard'
'David A. Haskell'
* 'Dax'
* 'Devon Cloud'
'Don Stevens'
* 'Devon Green'
'Diana Remembered'
'Dixie Chick'
'Dixie Chickadee'
'Domaine de Courson'
'Don Juan'
'Don Quixote'
'Don's Gator Hide'
'Double Vision'
'Doubled Up'
'Dragon Warrior'
'Drama Queen'
'Dreamboat Annie'
'Dust Devil'
'Dylan's Dilly'
'Early Times'
'Eco Mirror'
'Elatior Falls'
'Electrum Stater'
'Elfin Princess'
'Elsie's Smile'
'Emerald Chalice'
'Emerald City Chick'
'Emerald Coast'
'Emerald Crown'
'Emerald Elf'
'Emerald Gem'
'Emerald Necklace'
'Endearing Beacon'
'Evening Shadows'
'Eye of the Storm'
* 'Fagan'
'Fairway Green'
'Fairy Dust'
'Falling Waters'
'Fancy Plant'
'Fire Dance'
'Flower Power'

'Fluted Emerald Glass'
'Forever Young'
'Fortunei Obscura'
'Fountain Glass'
'Fourth of July'
'Foxfire Destiny's Child'
'Foxfire Zulu'
'Frensham Cinnamon Turnover'
'Frensham Firebolt'
'Frensham Royal Connection'
'Frensham Shining Armour'
'Fried Bananas'
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
'Frosted Lollipop'
'Frosted Mouse Ears'
'Frosted Raspberry'
'Frozen Margarita'
'Fruit Cup'
'Fruit Loop'
'Fukurin Ko Mame'
'Funky Monkey'
'Funny Bones' 'Gala'
'Garnet Prince'
'Gerrie's Gift'
* 'Get Nekkid'
'Ghetto Princess'
'Giantland Gator Crater'
'Gilded Dish'
'Give Me Room'
'Glass Slipper'
'Gleaming Glory'
* 'Glossy Ruffles'
'Going for Gold'
'Gold Banner'
'Golden Anniversary'
'Golden Friendship'
'Gordon Square'
'Gorgeous George'
'Gosan Gold Midget'
'Gosan Leather Strap'
'Grand Finale'
'Grand Lady'
'Grand Opening'
'Grand Slam'
'Grand Tetons'
'Grape Fizz'
'Great Plains'
'Green Acres'
'Green Christmas'
'Green Dragonet'
'Green Flash'
'Green Fountain'
'Green Goddess'
'Green Jeans'
'Green Lantern'
'Green Machine'
'Green Marmalade'
'Green Platter'
'Green Sheen'
'Green Sparkler'
'Green Velveteen'
'Green Wedge'
'Gunther's Rim'
'Harvest Dandy'
'Heather Hill'
'Heaven Scent'
'Hidden Agenda'
'Hidden Gem'
'Hirao Elite'
'Hirao Grande'
'Hirao Imperial'
'Hirao Majesty'
'Hirao Splendor'
'His Honor'
'Holar Red Spear'
'Holly's Dazzler'
'Holly's Honey'
'Holly's Shine'
'Holly's Velvet Piecrust'
'Holy Mole'
'Honey Hill Etching'
'Honey Hill Midnight Oasis'
'Honey Hill Stainless Steel'
'Honey Hill Wrinkled Rainslicker'
'Hoosier Harmony'
'Hot Green Chiles'
'Hot and Spicy'
'Hunter V. Berthelot'
* hypoleuca
'Ice Cream'
'Ice Cube'
'Icy Fog'
* 'Invincible'

'Invincible Spirit'
'Ivory Frame'
'Irish Longlegs'
'Irish Luck'
'Irish Pearl'
'Iron Gate Glamour'
'Iron Gate Supreme'
'Jade Point'
'Jade Stone'
'Jingle Bells'
'John Metzgar'
* 'Joseph'
* 'Josephine'
'Kifukurin Hyuga'
'Kifukurin Nankai'
kikutii var. caput-avis
kikutii f. leuconata
kikutii var. tosana
'Kinbuchi Tachi'
'King Edward'
'King Tucker'
'King's Black Knight'
'Kiss an Angel Good Morning'
'Kiwi Emerald Isle'
'Kiwi Fresh Salad'
'Kiwi Leap Frog'
'Korean Snow'
* 'Kryptonite'
'Lady Isobel Barnett'
'Lakeside Accolade'
'Lakeside Black Ice'
'Lakeside Black Satin'
'Lakeside Chick-a-Lick'
'Lakeside Coal Miner'
'Lakeside Contender'
'Lakeside Dark Dancer'
'Lakeside Dividing Line'
'Lakeside Ebony Echoes'
'Lakeside Emerald Lights'
'Lakeside Explosion'
'Lakeside Hoola Hoop'
'Lakeside Iron Man'
'Lakeside Jazzy Jane'
'Lakeside Lagoon'

'Lakeside Lollipop'
* 'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Lakeside Main Man'
'Lakeside Meadow Ice'
'Lakeside Premier'
*'Lakeside Reflecting Glass'
'Lakeside Reflecting Pool'
'Lakeside Pillow Talk'
'Lakeside Rag Bag'
'Lakeside Roy El'
'Lakeside Sir Logan'
* 'Lakeside Slick Chick'
'Lakeside Sparkle Plenty'
'Lakeside Spruce Goose'
'Lakeside Storm Watch'
'Lakeside Surf Rider'
'Lakeside Swan Pon'
'Lakeside Tough Guy'
'Lakeside Twiddle Dee'
'Lakeside Wet Look'
'Lars of Mars'
'Lavender Lace'
'Lavender Stocking'
'Leapin' Lizard'
'Leather Gloss'
* 'Leather Sheen'
'Lemon Love Note'
'Lemon Zinger'
* 'Lily Pad'
'Limestone Lover'
'Lion Island'
* 'Little Blue'
'Little Bo Peep'
'Little Jack Frost'
'Little Red Rooster'
'Little Slam Bang'
'Little Stiffy'
'Long Tom'
longipes 'Aichi'
longipes var. latifolia
'Lookin' Pretty'
'Lord Puckersheen'
'Lottie Daa'
'Lucy's Crinkles'
'Magic Colors'

'Maize and Blue'
'Making Waves'
'March for Life'
'Marlu's Sandra Jill'
'Mata Hari'
'Maui Rains'
'Maya Kingsnake'
'Meant to Be'
'Metallic Sheen'
'Mid Afternoon'
'Midnight Mistress'
'Midnight Moon'
'Midnight Oil'
'Midnight Storm'
'Midsummer Night's Dream'
'Mighty Mite'
'Mill's Repechage'
'Ming Dynasty'
'Ming Jade'
'Ming Treasure'
'Miss American Pie'
'Miss Grace'
'Miss Saigon'
'Misted Cove'
'Mister Green Genes'
'Mistress Mabel'
'Monkey Business'
'Monster Ears'
montana f. macrophylla
'Moonlight Little Dipper'
* 'Moonlight Sonata'
'Morning Angel'
'Mount Carmel'
'Mount Daisen'
'Mountain Pride'
'Mustang Sally'
'Mutant Ninja'
'My Precious'
'Mystic Star'
* 'Napoleon'
'Ngaire Dawn'
'Niagara Falls'

'Nick Balash'
'Night Owl'
'None Lovelier'
'Norwalk Chartreuse'
'Ocean Isle'
'Ocean Isle Tornado'
'October Skies'
'Ogon Tachi'
* 'Oil Paint
'Old Coot'
'Old Faithful'
'Olga's Shiny Leaf'
'On the Border'
'One Man's Treasure'
'Orion's Belt'
'Orphan Train Ruffian'
'Oshima Silk'
'Our Child'
'Out of This World'
'Over Yu Wu'
'P. I. Not'
'Paradise Glimmer'
'Paradise Gold Line'
'Paradise Sunshine'
'Paradise Tritone'
'Party Time'
'Patent Leather'
'Patent Leather Lemon'
'Pea Pod'
'Peace Treaty'
'PeeDee Diamond Dove'
'Peggy Sue'
'Peppermint Ice'
'Peter the Rock'
'Petticoat Junction'
'Picadilly Circus'
'Pickle Barrel'
'Planet Jupiter'
'Planet Venus'
plantaginea var. japonica
'Plug Nickel'

'Plum Nutty'
'Plumb Bob'
'Polar Vortex'
'Polish Prince'
'Polished Emeralds'
* 'Polished Jade'
'Pot of Gold' (Hansen)
* 'Potomac Glory'
* 'Potomac Pride'
* 'Potomac Splash'
'Powtes Pigeon'
'Prairie Magic'
'Prairieland Memories'
'Pretty Fraulein'
'Prima Donna'
'Prince Albert'
'Proud Dragon'
'Proud Treasure'
'Pucker Power'
'Pucker Up'
'Puckered Giant'
'Puddles and Bumps'
pulchella "Onada Type II"
pulchella 'Variegata'
'Purple Mischief'
* 'Queen Josephine'
'Quilted Hearts'
'Rain Forest'
'Rainbow Falls'
'Rainbow's End'
'Raleigh Remembrance'
'Rasha-ba Saikoku Iwa'
'Raspberry Sorbet'
'Raspberry Truffle'
'Razzle Dazzle'
'Red Corvette'
'Red Dog'
'Red Dragon'
'Red Hot Poker'
'Red One'
'Red Salamander'
'Red Sea'
'Red Sox'
* 'Red Stepper'
'Reddy Eddy'
* 'Reflecting Pool'

'Rhapsody in Blue'
'Rippled Honey'
'Rising Sun'
'Ritz Glitz'
'Road Rage'
'Rock Master'
'Rock Princess'
'Rocket's Red Glare'
'Rod's Gold'
'Rosedale Light My Fire'
'Rosedale Marsha Axmear Erb'
'Rosedale Spoons'
'Rough Knight'
'Royal Charmer'
'Royal Crest'
'Royal Gold'
'Royal Regal Rhubarb'
'Royal Rhubarb'
'Royal Rim'
'Royal Splash'
'Royal Standard'
'Royal Standard Special'
'Royal Super'
'Royal Wedding'
* 'Rubber Ducky'
'Ruby Slippers'
'Rumpled Gilt'
'Russ O'Harra'
'Rusty's Glimmer'
'Saishu Jima'
'Sam Spade'
'Santa Claus'
'Satin and Silk'
'Satin Beauty'
'Savannah Supreme'
'Schwarzer Ritter'
'Scott Andrew'
'Sea Bunny'
'Sea Current'
'Sea Lotus Leaf'
'Secret Treasure'
'See Saw'
'Senora Colleen'
'Seth Becker'

'Shade Finale'
'Shady Affair'
'Shimmering Silk'
'Shining Tot'
'Shiny Penny'
'Shiny Sonata'
'Shiny Substance'
'Shirley Vaughn'
'Show Stopper'
sieboldii 'Alba'
'Sight for Sore Eyes'
'Silver Shadow'
'Simple Division'
'Sir Charles'
'Sir Logan'
'Sitting Pretty'
'Sleepy Hollow'
* 'Slick Willie'
'So Sweet'
'Soft Shoulders'
'Soul Brother'
'Southern Essence'
'Spiral Nebula'
'Spit Shine'
'Springdale Pride'
'Stained Glass'
'Stand Corrected'
'Statue of Liberty'
'Stir It Up'
'Strawberry Delight'
'Sub Four'
'Sugar and Spice'
'Sugar and Spice Supreme'
'Sugar Plum Fairy'
'Sum and Substance'
'Sum It Up'
'Sum of All'
'Sum Total'
'Summer Snowstorm'
'Sun Catcher'
'Sun Worshiper'
'Sunbeam Green'
'Sunlight Child'
'Supreme Court Justice'
'Surfer Dude'
'Surfer Girl'
'Sushi Bar'
'Swamp Monster'
'Swamp Thing'
'Sweet Bo Peep'
'Sweet Green'
'Sweet Susan'
'Sweet Tater Pie'
'Sweet Winifred'
'Swirling Hearts'
'Tall, Dark, and Handsome'
'Tall Paul'
'Tamaryu Iwa'
* 'Tambourine'
'Tea at Bettys'
'Teltow Gay Honey Moon'
'Temple Bells'
'The Big Five-oh'
'The Fonz'
'The Hulk'
'The Perfect Storm'
'The Shining'
'The Sweetest Thing'
'The Unforgettable Fire'
'Tiffany Tune'
'Tiffney's Darth Vader'
'Tiki Bar'
'Tips Up'

'Tongue Twister'
'Top Hat and Tails'
'Tossed Salad'
'Totally Wacky'
'Tracy's Emerald Cup'
'Trade Wind'
'Treasure Island'
'Tremont Slippery When Wet'
'Tucker Valentine'
'Tweety Bird'
'Twilight Shimmer'
'Tyler's Treasure'
'Uncle Albert'
'Undulata Erromena'
'Unexpected Song'
'Unruly Child'
'Unsinkable Molly Brown'
'Uptown Girl'
* 'Valerie's Vanity'
'Valley's Bossanova'
'Valley's Bronze Stature'
'Valley's Bull Ray'
'Valley's Bull's Eye'
'Valley's Courtisane'
'Valley's Cover Lady'
'Valley's Crazy Diamonds'
'Valley's Dandy'
'Valley's Double Dutch'
'Valley's Fantastic Boys'
'Valley's Glossy Veins'
'Valley's Greenstone'
'Valley's Kick Inside'
'Valley's Makoto'
'Valley's Red Scorpion'
'Valley's Rodeo'
'Valley's Sub Four'
'Valley's Ticket to Ride'
'Valley's Up'
'Valley's Witness'
'Valley's Yellow Bird'
'Viette Eighteen'
'Viktoria's Dark Secret'
'Vim and Vigor'

'Wanda Dove'
'War Eagle'
'Warwick Ballerina'
'Warwick Essence'
'Warwick Sheen'
'Watermelon Rind'
'Waukon Golden Pond'
'Waukon Glass'
'Wet Crocodile'
'Wet Umbrellas'
'Whirling Puck'
'Whiskey Sour'
'White Edger'
'White Fairy'
'White Knight'
'White Necklace'
'White Shoulders'
'Wide Receiver'
'Wild Strawberries'
* 'Wily Willy'
'Winter Snow'
'Woodland Blue'
'Worldly Treasure'
'Wrinkles and Crinkles'
'Xanadu Sommer Time'
'Yakushima Mizu'
'Yellow River'
'Yikes Stripes'
'You Are My Sunshine'
'Yu Lei'
'Zippin Pippin'

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