Trough Garden Hostas

The following hostas do not reach more than 8" (20.3 cm) in height and are suitable for trough gardens.

'Abba Little Showoff'
'Abiqua Jim Dandy'
'Abiqua Miniature'
'Academy Speckled Caddy'
'Academy Veiden Veige'
'Academy Verdant Verge'
'American Super Mouse'
'Amethyst Gem'
'Apple Court'
'Asahi Comet'
'Asahi Sunray'
'Atom Smasher'
'Atomic Needle'
'Baby Booties'
'Baby Doll'
'Baby Kim'
'Baby Sunspot'
'Bill Dress's Blue'
'Birchwood Gem'
'Bitsy Gold'
'Bitsy Green'
'Bitter Lemons'
'Blue Beard'
'Blue Ice'
'Blue Mouse Ears'
'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme'
'Bohemia Salamander'
'Boyz Toy'
'Bread Crumbs'
'Brooklynn's Baby Doll'
'Calico Mouse Ears'
'Candy Cane'
'Captain Atom'
'Carl A. Francis'
'Carrie Ann'
'Cat and Mouse'
'Cat Scratch Fever'
'Cat's Eye'
'Chabo Unazuki'
'Cheatin Heart'
'Cherry Garcia'
'Cherry Tomato'
'Chickie Dix'
'Chishima Iwa'
'Church Mouse'
'Collector's Choice'
'Concordia Petite'
'Cookie Crumbs'
'Country Mouse'
'Cracker Crumbs'
'Crater's Heart'
'Crater's Rim'
'Crazy Mouse Ears'
'Cream Cheese'
'Crepe Soul'
'Crepe Suzette'
'Curly Locks'
'Cute as a Button'
'Daisy Doolittle'
'Dancing Mouse'
'DaPra's Delight'
'Desert Mouse'
'Dew Drop'
'Dim Sum'
'Dixie Chick'

'Dixie Chick Green'
'Dixie Chickadee'
'Dixie Pixie'
'Dixie Queen'
'Dragon Tails'
'Early Sunrise'
'Earth Star'
'Elfin Charm'
'Elfin Cup'
'Ellie Bee'
'Ellie's Pigmy'
'Elsley Runner'
'Emerald City Chick'
'Emerald Elf'
'Emerald Ripples'
'Emerald Skies'
'Emerson's Small One'
'Ems Pfeil'
'Eola Salad Bowl'
'Error Apparent'
'Fairest Maiden'
'Fairway Green'
'Fairy Dust'
'Fairy Ring'
'First Class'
'Flamenco Mouse'
'Flat Clyde'
'Forest Mouse'
'Front Forty'
'Frosted Mini-muffins'
'Frosted Mouse Ears'
'Fuji Sunrise'
'Fukurin Ko Mame'
'Funny Mouse'
'Geisha Limey Streaks'
'Geissler's Edge'
'Genesee Genco'
'Genesee Splashing'
'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears'
'Gold Cover'
'Gold Petite'
'Golden Child'
'Golden Gem'
'Golden Jubilee'
'Golden Tiers'
'Golden Wampum'
'Golden Wiggler'
'Good Lovin'
'Goodman's Short Folks'
'Goody Goody'
'Gosan Gold Midget'
'Gosan Golden Dwarf'
'Gosan Hildegarde'
'Green Eyes'
'Green Fingers'
'Green Mouse Ears'
'Green Quarter'
'Green Skies'
'Green Thumb'
'Grey Poupon'
'Grim Grinning Ghost'
'Ground Sulphur'
'Gummy Bear'
'Haku Chu Han'
'Half Pint'
'Happy Mouse'
'Harold's Thumb'
'Her Royal Hotness'
'Hidden Cove'
'Hime Karafuto'
'Hime Yakushima'
'Hoite Toite'
'Holy Mouse Ears'
'Honey Do'
'Hush Puppie'
'Hydon Sunrise'
'Hydon Sunset'
'Iced Lemon'
'Iszat U Emmerson'
'Itty Bitty'
'Itsy Bitsy Spider'
'Jennifer Bailey'
'Jiminy Cricket'
'Judy Blue Eyes'
'Junior Miss'
'Kate's Legacy'
'Kifukurin Ko Mame'
'Kifukurin Otome'
'Kii Hime'
kikutii var. tosana
'Kitty Cat'
'Kiwi Blue Baby'
'Kiwi Golden Thimble'
'Kiwi Minnie Blue'
'Kiwi Minnie Gold'
'Kiwi Spearmint'
'Ko Iwa'
'Ko Mame'
'Lady Christin May'
'Lakeside Baby Face'
'Lakeside Bugaboo'
'Lakeside Cricket'
'Lakeside Doodad'
'Lakeside Dot Com'
'Lakeside Down Sized'
'Lakeside Elfin Fire'
'Lakeside Explosion'
'Lakeside Happy Talk'
'Lakeside Knickknack'
'Lakeside Legal Tender'
'Lakeside Lime Tart'

'Lakeside Little Gem'
'Lakeside Little Tuft'
'Lakeside Little Vamp'
'Lakeside Miss Muffett'
'Lakeside Misty'
'Lakeside Neat Petite'
'Lakeside Paddywhack'
'Lakeside Ragtime'
'Lakeside Scamp'
'Lakeside Slick Chick'
'Lakeside Small Fry'
'Lakeside So Ho Baby'
'Lakeside Toy Treasure'
'Lakeside Wing Ding'
'Lakeside Zinger Supreme'
'Lakeside Zing Zang'
'Lakeside Zinger'
'Lap Dance'
'Lavender Dwarf'
'Lavender Lace'
'Lemon Sorbet'
'Lemon Zinger'
'Lights Up'
'Lil Miss Muffet'
'Lime Fizz'
'Lime Shag'
'Limey Lisa'
'Little Alice'
'Little Bit'
'Little Chickadee'
'Little Dancer'
'Little Dart'
'Little Devil'
'Little Dragon'
'Little Fellow'
'Little Hottie'
'Little Ice Mouse'
'Little Jack Horner'
'Little Jay'
'Little Jim'
'Little Lulu'
'Little Maddie'
'Little Miss Muffet'
'Little Missy'
'Little One'
'Little Patriot'
'Little Petite'
'Little Princess'
'Little Ralph'
'Little Red Joy'
'Little Red Rooster'
'Little Stiffy'
'Little Streaker'
'Little Treasure'
'Little Wiggler'
'Little Willie'
'Littlest Angel'
'Long Beard'
longissima var. longifolia
'Love Bug'
'Lovey Dovey'
'Lovin' Spoonful'
'Loyal Vassal'
'Lucky Mouse'
'Magic Carpet'
'Mandrake the Magician'
'March for Life'
'Margie Weissenberger'
'Maurice Mason'
'May Moon'
'Mighty Min'
'Mighty Mini'
'Mighty Mite'
'Mighty Moe'
'Mighty Mouse'
'Mighty Special'
'Mini Face'
'Mini Ha Ha'
'Mini Man'
'Mini Mouse'
'Mini Skirt'
'Minnesota Weather'
minor "Goldbrook Form"
'Miss Petite'
'Missie Mouse'
'Mister Gee'
'Mop Top'
'Mountain Fog'
'Mouse Capades'
'Mouse Tracks'
'Mouse Trap'
'Mr. Osami'
'Mrs. Mouse Ears'
'Mrs. Beasley'
'Munchkin Fire'
'Mystic Mouse'
'National Arboretum'
'National Treasure'
'Needle's Eye'
'Og, Son of Fire'
'Ogon Otome'
'Oh Baby Mine'
'One Iota'
'One Iota Supreme'
'Orphan Annie'
'Otame Gibosa'
'Pandora's Box'
'Pandora's Stripe'
'Paradise Puppet'
'Pearl Buttons'
'Pearl Necklace'
'Pennies from Heaven'
'Petite Gold'
'Piedmont's Gold Miniature'
'Pipin the Short'
'Pitter Patter'
'Pixie Power'
'Pixie Vamp'
'Pointed Leaf'
'Princess of Karafuto'
'Pure Heart'
'Purple Flame Forever'
'Purple Robe'
'Red Dwarf'
'Red Tubes'
'Rock Island Line'
'Rock Master'
'Rocknoll Blue Dwarf'
'Rosedale Alligator Tail'
'Rosedale Lightning'
'Rosedale Tick Tock'
'Royal Mouse Ears'
'Royal Tiara'
'Ruffled Mouse Ears'
'Rushin Ruffles'
'Saishu Jima'
'Saw Mill'
'Schrödinger's Cat'
'Sea Wiggles'
'Seneca' (Tobey)
'Shark's Tooth'
'Shere Khan'
'Shimizu Iwa'
'Shining Tot'
'Shiny Penny'
'Shiro Kabitan'
'Shirobana Fuiri Koba'
'Shirobana Hime Iwa'
'Shirofukurin Hime Iwa'
'Shirofukurin Hosoba Mizu'
'Shirofukurin Koba'
'Shirofukurin Otome'
'Shironakafu Otome'
'Silver Heart'
'Silver Mine'
'Silver Spring'
'Silver Twist'
'Silver Streak'
'Sitting Pretty'
'Slim and Trim'
'Slim Polly'
'Small Parts'
'Small Talk'
'Smiling Sailor'
'Snow Mouse'
'Solar Mouse'
'Spingarn's Japan'
'Stolen Kiss'
'Stormy Dance'
'Sub Four'
'Sugar Plum Fairy'
'Sunlight Child'
'Surfer Girl'
'Surprised by Joy'
'Suzuki Thumbnail'
'Suzuki Toenail'
'Sweet and Low'
'Tattle Tails'
'Tears of Joy'
'Teddy Bear'
'Ted's Friend'
'Teeny-weeny Bikini'
'Tennessee Grady'
'Thumb Nail'
'Tic Tac'
'Tiny Alice'
'Tiny Dancer'
'Tiny Gems'
'Tiny Tears'
'Tiny Temple Chimes'
'Tiny Tot'
'Tom Thumb'
'Tongue Twister'
'Tot Tot'
'Tsugaru Komachi'
'Tsugaru Otome'
'Tucker Tiny Tot'
'Turtle Dove'
'Twinkle Toes'
'Unazuki Dwarf'
'Urajiro Ko Iwa'
'Uzu-no-mai Fukurin'
'Valley's Liquid Green'
'Valley's Secret Cove'
'Valley's Small Change'
'Valley's Small Skipper'
'Vanilla Bean'
venusta "Benedict Strain"
venusta "Curley"
venusta "Maekawa Form"
venusta "Mini"
venusta "Onoda"
venusta "Shikoku"
'Virginia Reel'
'Wagner's Petite'
'Wanda Dove'
'Wedding Band'
'West Point Hanky'
'White Dove'
'White Swan'
'Wizard's Turban'
'Woodland Elf'
'Xanadu Mighty Mite'
'Yakushima Mizu'
'Yellow Eyes'
'Yellow Kid'
'Yellow Submarine'

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