Large Upright Hostas

Hostas which form a large, vase-shaped mound.

'Abba Dabba Do'
'Abba Dabba Wow'
'Alex Summers'
'Allegan Webb'
'Bam Bam Blue'
'Big Boy'
'Big Hobber'
'Blue Moonbeams'
'Blue Ridge'
'Blue Umbrellas'
'Chartreuse Wedge'
'City Lights'
'Clifford's Forest Fire'
'Cloud Nine'
'Continental Divide'
'David Reath'
'Deluxe Edition'
'Dragon Lady'
'Ebb Tide'
'Empress Wu'
'Evelyn McCafferty'
'Fleet Week'
'Flower Power'
'Fluted Fountain'
'Frank Lloyd Wright'
'Frost Giant'
'Gay Search'
'Gentle Giant'
'Giantland Megalodon'
'Glacier Cascade'
'Glen Fetish'
'Glen Triumph'
'Gold Regal'
'Golden Sculpture'
'Grand Canyon'
'Great Plains'
'Green Dragonet'
'Green Sheen'
'Green Wedge'
'Iris Frazier'
'Jade Cascade'
'Jolly Roger'
'Jurassic Park'
'Key West'
'Komodo Dragon'
'Krossa Dressa'
'Krossa Regal'
'Lakeside Cha Cha'
'Lakeside Fancy Pants'
'Lakeside Maestro'
'Lakeside Maverick'
'Lakeside Ripples'
'Lakeside Round Table'
'Lakeside Surf Rider'
'Leading Lady'
montana 'Aureomarginata'
montana f macrophylla
'Mount Fuji'
'Nancy Gill'
'Nate the Great'
'Niagara on the Lake'
'Omar the Tentmaker'
'Osiris Obscur'
'Poison Dart Frog'
'Primal Fear'
'Primal Scream'
'Prince Albert'
'Queen of the Seas'
'Rain Dancer'
'Regal Promenade'
'Regal Splendor'
'Regal Supreme'
'Royal Empress'
'Russ O'Harra'
'Spartan Glory'
'Sun Power'
'Tall Boy'
'Tom Schmid'
'Uncle Albert'
'Valley's Big Freeze'
'Valley's Magnum'
'Viking Ship'
'Vim and Vigor'
'Yellow Flash'
'Yellow River'

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