Spider-Flowered Hostas

Hostas with funnel-shaped narrow-petaled flowers, most of which are related to two species- laevigata and yingeri.

'Academy Mirkwood'
'Blue Haired Lady'
'Capitol Hill'
'Celtic Uplands'
'City Slicker'
'Collective Charm'
'Cosmic Blue'
'Crystal Chimes'
'Dark Vader'
'Don't Taz Me Bro'
'Elf Arrows'
'Evening Shadows'
'Fluted Emerald Glass'
'Fountain Glass'
'Gentle Spirit'
'Get Nekkid'
'Gilt by Association'
'Green Jeans'
'Hey Jude'
'Irish Longlegs'
'Jack and Margaret's Keynote'
'Janet Rugh'
'John Deere Green and Yellow'
'Kiwi Fresh Salad'
'Kiwi Leap Frog'
'Korean Snow'
'Lady Klara-Maren'
'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Lakeside Main Man'
'Lakeside Reflecting Glass'
'Lakeside Sir Logan'
'Lily Pad'
'Limbo Rock'
'Little Lulu'
'Mirage' (Livingston)
'Mystic Star'
'Old Coot'
'Old Yeller'
'Potomac Glory'
'Potomac Pride'
'Potomac Splash'
'Ray of Hope'
'Rippled Treasure'
'Roller Coaster Ride'
'Runaround Sue'
'Saishu Jima'
'Silver Star'
'Silver Twist'
'Southern Gold'
'Sun Catcher'
'Sunny Side Up'
'Swamp Thing'
'Sweet Tater Pie'
'Temple Spirit'
'Treasure Island'
'Valley's Ruffle Shuffle'
'Water's Edge'
'Whiskey Sour'
'Yikes Stripes'
'Zebra Stripes'

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