'American Ruffled Towers'
'Bright-eyed Ellie'
'Crocodile Smile'
'Emerald Ruff Cut'
'Frilly Fantasy'
'Frilly Lady'
'Ginsu Knife'
'Ginsu Knife Supreme'
'High Kicker'
'Honey Hill Pinking Shears'
'Joy Ride'
'Lakeside Old Smokey'
'Lakeside Prophecy'
'Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled'
'Leather and Lace'
'Lily Blue Eyes'
'Lime Ripple'
'Mississippi River'
'Mysterious Stranger'
'Petticoat Junction'
'Potter's Hand'
'Restless Sea'
'Rubies and Ruffles'
'Sea Gulf Steam'
'Shark's Tooth'
'Snake Charmer'
'Surfer Dude'
'Tropical Dancer'
'Tunisian Dream'
'Valley's First Bite'
'Valley's Love Buzz'

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