Slug-Susceptible Hostas

The following cultivars have been reported by gardeners to be very susceptible to slug damage. Many of these are wonderful and attractive plants, and are worth growing if slug control measures are implemented.

'Amber Tiara'
'Anne Arett'
'August Moon'
'Baby Bunting'
'Brenda's Beauty'
'Cherry Berry'
'Chōkō Nishiki'
clausa var. ensata
'Curly Locks'
'Devon Cloud'
'Dust Devil'
'Emerald Tiara'
'Eola Sapphire'
'Everlasting Love'
'Fire Island'
'Ginko Craig'
'Gold Edger'
'Golden Tiara'
'Gypsy's Boa'
'Hi Ho Silver'
'High Society'
'Island Charm'
'Lakeside Meter Maid'
'Lights Up'
'Limey Lisa'
'Little Willie'
'Long Beard'
'Mack the Knife'
'Mama Mia'
'Night before Christmas'
'On Stage'
'Orange Joy'
'Outhouse Delight'
'Paradise Island'
'Paradise Red Delight'
'Platinum Tiara'
'Purple Dwarf'
'Queen Josephine'
'Royal Standard'
'Shirobuchi Koba'
'Silver Threads and Golden Needles'
'Silver Tiara'
'Snow Flakes'
'Stained Glass'
'Summer Breeze'
'Summer Music'
'Summer Snow'
'Surprised by Joy'
'Undulata Albomarginata'
'Undulata Univittata'
'White Surprise'
'Wide Brim'
'Yakushima Mizu'

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