Pink-Flowered Hostas

Hosta flowers generally range in color from white or near white, lavender, and shades of purple. Some gardeners have also claimed that a few cultivars produce pink flowers. In actuality, what one person sees as pink, others may classify as pinkish lavender, mauve, or pale magenta. According to Mark Zilis, true pink flowers in the world of hostas has not been verified. He writes, "Reports of red or pink flowers have never proven true, though some of the reddishpurple flowers come close to red, and lavender flowers can sometimes be mistaken for pink" (The Hostapedia, page 35). Below is a list of hostas which are reported to have pinkish flowers.

Pinkish Flowers

'Celtic Bouquet' (slightly pinkish hue in bright sunlight)
'Frosted Raspberry'
'Goldbrook Grayling'
'Lake Chautauqua'
'Nakaimo' (mauve flowers)
'Old Cardboard Boxes' (large, bell-shaped pinkish flowers)
'Pink Bloomers' (J. Roach)
'Pink Flamingo' ?
'Pretty in Pink'
'Raspberries and Cream'
'Raspberry Sorbet'

Pinkish Bracts

'Lake Chautauqua'
'Lakeside Whispering Leaves'
'Mango Salsa'
'Passionate Pink'
'Snake Charmer'
'Tickle Me Pink'

Pinkish Buds

'Blue Suede Shoes'
'Lake Chautauqua'
'Snake Charmer'

Pinkish Scapes

'Banana Split'
'Gateway Arch'
'Green Lama'
'Ice Castle'
'Island Charm'
'Pink Flamingo'

Also see the list titled "Red-flowered Hostas".

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