Black-Petioled Hostas

The following cultivars have blackish leaf petioles and/or flower scapes.

'Academy Nazgul'
'Beet Salad'
'Black Adder'
'Black Light'
'Black Mamba'
'Black Pearl'
'Blackberry Tart'
'Dragon's Eye'
'Ebony Towers'
'Frisian Association'
'Frosted Raspberry'
'Funky Monkey'
'Ghost Spirit'
'Gold of Ophir'
'Kiwi Black Magic'
'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Little Black Scape'
'Little Miss Sunshine'
'Mango Salsa'
'Maraschino Cherry'
'Maya Kingsnake'
'Miss Linda Smith'
'Pixie Vamp'
'Purple Boots'
'Purple Heart'
'Purple Passion'
'Red Dragon'
'Sparkling Burgundy'
'Stephen King'
'Terra Haute'
'Xanadu Spiffy'

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