'Abba Fragrant Backscratcher'
'Abba Fragrant Centennial'
'Abba Fragrant Cloud'
'Abba Fragrant Sentry'
'Abba Ready'
'Abba Shalimar'
'Abiqua Ambrosia'
'Academy Flora'
'Alien Technology'
'All Jazzed Up'
'Amber Glass'
'Aqua Velva'
'Atomic Momma'
'Austin Dickinson'
'BEAuty from Poland'
'Bennie McRae'
'Bette Davis Eyes'
'Big Bloomers'
'Black Mamba'
'Blaze of Glory'
'Blue Flame'
'Blue Perfection'
'Blushing Bride'
'Buckwheat Beauty'
'Buckwheat Honey'
'Calamity Jane'
'Catch of the Day'
'Cathedral Windows'
'Chelsea Ore'
'Color Parade'
'Crystal Moon'
'Daisy Doolittle'
'Dan Patch'
'Dark Shadows'
'Devon Cloud'
'Diana Remembered'
'Double Trouble
'Doubled Up'
'Dubuque Sweet Standard'
'Edwin Bibby'
'Emerald Charger'
'Emily Dickinson'
'Essence of Summer'
'Etched Glass'
'Fancy Plant'
'Flower Child'
'Flower Power'
'Forever Green'
'Fragrant Blue'
'Fragrant Blue Ribbons'
'Fragrant Bouquet'
'Fragrant Candelabra'
'Fragrant Dream'
'Fragrant Fire'
'Fragrant Flame'
'Fragrant Gold'
'Fragrant King'
'Fragrant Light'
'Fragrant Mist'
'Fragrant Queen'
'Fragrant Star'
'Fragrant Summer'
'Fragrant Surprise
'Fragrant Tot'
'Fried Bananas'
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
'Frosted Dimples'
'Frozen Margarita'
'Garden Bouquet'
'Garden Delight'
'Gary Rolls'
'Gene's Joy'
'Ginsu Knife'
'Ginsu Knife Supreme'
'Gleaming Glory'
'Gold Piece'
'Golden Bouquet'
'Grape Fizz'
'Great River Sonata'
'Green Blimp'
'Green Summer Fragrance'
'Guacamole and Sour Cream'
'Hans Solo'
'Heaven Scent'
'Heavenly Green'
'High Standard'
'Holly's Dazzler'
'Holy Mole'
'Honey Bear'
'Honey Hill Anisette'
'Honey Pie'
'Hoosier Harmony'
'Hot and Spicy'
'Hot Green Chilies'
'Invincible Spirit'
'Irish Luck'
'Iron Gate Bouquet'
'Iron Gate Delight'
'Iron Gate Glamour'
'Iron Gate Special'
'Iron Gate Supreme'
'Iron Gate Supreme Green'
'Jade Stone'
'Jane Doe'
'Jane Sample'
'Joanne Johnson'
'John Kulpa'
'Julia Gaede'
'Liverpool White'
'Living Water'
'Long Tom'
'Marbled Bouquet'
'Mardi Gras'
'Mean Green Thing'
'Mexican Dip'
'Milk and Honey'
'Ming Treasure'
'Miss Missey'
'Miss Saigon'
'Mistress Mabel'
'Moonlight Mirage'
'Moonlight Sonata'
'Morning Angel'
'Ngaire Dawn'
'Ode to Joy'
'Oh Audrey'
'Old Faithful'
'Olga's Shiny Leaf'
'Paradise Sunshine'
'Paul Aden'
'Pea Pod'
plantaginea var. japonica
plantaginea f. stenantha
plantaginea 'Triplex'
'Prairie Angel'
'Prairieland Memories'
'Praise Him'
'Purple Essence'
'Redolent Nosegay'
'Richland Yea'
'Rippled Honey'
'Rosedale Daisy Mae'
'Royal Accolade'
'Royal Charmer'
'Royal Diadem'
'Royal Gold'
'Royal Oyster'
'Royal Rim'
'Royal Splash'
'Royal Standard'
'Royal Standard Special'
'Royal Super'
'Royal Susan'
'Royal Wedding'
'Savannah Emerald'
'Savannah Supreme'
'Second Coming'
'Secret Ambition'
'Secret Love'
'Seventh Heaven'
'Shady Affair'
'Shiny Sonata'

'Snow Flakes'
'So Sweet'
'Southern Essence'
'Stained Glass'
'Statue of Liberty'
'Sugar and Cream'
'Sugar and Spice'
'Sugar and Spice Supreme'
'Sugar Babe'
'Sugar Bells'
'Sugar Snap'
'Summer Fragrance'
'Sun Bouquet'
'Sun Kissed'
'Sunny Delight'
'Super Hero'
'Surfer Dude'
'Sweet and Sour'
'Sweet Bo Peep'
'Sweet Christy'
'Sweet Dreams'
'Sweet Essence'
'Sweet Innocence'
'Sweet Jill'
'Sweet Jill Supreme'
'Sweet Marjorie'
'Sweet Nothings'
'Sweet Serenity'
'Sweet Standard'
'Sweet Sunshine'
'Sweet Susan'
'Sweet Thing'
'Sweet Winifred'
'Sweetness' (Livingston)
'Sweetness' (Zilis)
'Tea at Bettys'
'The Shining'
'The Sweetest Thing'
'Tortilla Chip'
'Tremont Mirage'
'Twenty Four Carat Gold'
'Uptown Girl'
'Viette Eighteen'
'Warwick Essence'
'Whipped Cream'
'White Fairy'
'White Knight'
'White Shoulders'
'White Triumphator'
'Wild Nights'
'Winning Colors'
'Winter Bouquet'
'Yan Zan'
'Yu Lei'

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