White-Petioled Hostas

The following cultivars have white or cream-colored leaf petioles and/or flower scapes.

'Affair to Remember'
'American Sweetheart'
'Beach Boy'
'Bill and Eleanor'
'Bohemia Tennis Racket'
'Bohemia Twiggy'
'Buffalo Spring Beauty'
'Champagne Toast'
'Chōkō Nishiki'
'Christmas Candy'
'Christmas Charm'
'Christmas Cookies'
'Clifford's Comet'
'Clifford's Stingray'
'Colin P. Cleghorn'
'Color Festival'
'Cool as a Cucumber'
'Crater's Heart'
'Dancing in the Rain'
'Dancing with the Stars'
'Diamond Necklace'
'Dixie Chickadee'
'Dream Queen'
'Dream Weaver'
'Emerald Crust'
'Eternal Flame'
'Fire and Ice'
'First Mate'
'Flame Stitch'
'Flash of Light'
'Great American Expectations'
'Great Expectations'
'Half and Half'
'Happy Accident'
'High Society'
'Holiday White'
'Ice Castle'
'Ice King'
'Instant Gratification'
'Ivory Queen'
'Ivory Snow'
'J. D.'s Luck'
'Jane Ward'
'Kiwi Ice Breaker'
'Kiwi Polar Bear'
'Kiwi Spearmint'
'Lakeside Meter Maid'
'Lakeside Paisley Print'
'Lakeside Spellbinder'
'Lakeside Whizzit'
'Laugh Out Loud'
'Lemon Juice'
'Little Jay'
'Little Treasure'
'Little Willie'
'Lonesome Dove'
'Look at That'
'Lothar the Giant'
'Mini Man'
'Morning Light'
'Mountain Mist'
'Mouse Trap'
'My Fair Lady'
'Nancy Minks'
'Night before Christmas'
'Oil on Canvas'
'On Stage'
'Ooh La La'
'Pandora's Box'
'Paradise on Fire'
'Paul Revere'
'Peppermint Ice'
'Pole Cat'
'Prince of Darkness'
'Prom Queen'
'Quite Pleasing'
'Remember Me'
'Risky Business'
'Sharp Dressed Man'
'Show Me'
'Show Me's Twisted Sister'
'Sitting Pretty'
'Standing Pretty'
'Summer Joy'
'Sun Shower'
'Supreme Expectations'
'Swan Song'
'Total Justice'
'Vanilla Bean'
'War Bonnet'
'When I Dream'
'Whirlwind Romance'
'White Christmas'
'White Colossus'
'White Elephant'
'White Gold Standard'
'White Jewel'
'White Line Fever'
'White Sails'
'White Sprite'
'White Star'
'Yellow Ribbons'

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