Speckled-Leaved Hostas

Speckled or flecked hostas have small marks and dashes, often against a creamy white background. This characteristic is sometimes referred to as "grass clippings".

Also see Misted-leaved Hostas, Mottled-leaved Hostas, and Spotted-leaved Hostas.

'Academy Fickle Fellow'
'Academy Grass Clippings' (misted and speckled)
'Academy Speckled Caddy Spoons'
'Academy Speckled Vase'
'Allegan Fog'
'Alley Oop' (misted, speckled, and streaked)
'American Hero'
'Buffalo Snow'
'Chickadee' (Avent)
'Clifford's Broken Heart'
'Clifford's Comet'
'Crater's Heart'
'Dixie Chick'
'Emperor's New Clothes'
'Error Apparent'
'Fury of Flame'
'Gunther's Prize' (misted, speckled, and streaked)
'Icy Fog'
'Lakeside Cricket'
'Lakeside Elfin Fire'
'Lakeside Whizzit'
'Lakeside Zing Zang'
'Little Willie'
'London Fog' (misted and speckled)
'Masquerade' (occasional leaf lightly speckled)
'Midnight at the Oasis' (misted and speckled)
'Miss Missey'
'Mountain Mist'
'Oil on Canvas'
'Silver Threads and Golden Needles' (misted and speckled)
'Tea Party'
'White Bikini' (light speckles)
'Winter Lightning'
'Zoe's Zesty Zephyr'

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