Streaked-Leaved Hostas

Hostas with streaky foliage. These plants are generally unstable and are often used for hybridization.

'A 10 Hut'
'A B-1 Bomber'
'Abigail Adams'
'Academy Little Pother'
'Achy Breaky Heart'
'Acid Art'
'Adrenaline Rush'
'Alice Blue Gown'
'All Aflutter'
'All Star' (Beilstein & Malloy)
'Allegan Fog'
'Allen C. Haskell'
'Alley Oop' (misted, speckled, and streaked)
'Amazing Love'
'American Angel's Fire'
'American Masterpiece'
'American Misty'
'American Sonata'
'American Starburst'
'American Tisch Breeder'
'Amy Aden'
'Ancient Mariner'
'Andrews Bald'
'Angel Harp Strings'
'Anna the Stripper'
'Appalachian Trail'
'Area 51'
'Artist's Palette'
'Asian Delaw'
'Asian Provocateur'
'Asian Puerto Azul'
'Asian Shadowmaster'
'Asian Showcase'
'Asian Small Talk'
'At the Ritz'
'Audra Wilson'
'Baby Boomer'
'Bacon and Eggs'
'Bashful Polly'
'Bay Shore'
'Beam Me Up, Scotty'
'Beatrice Breeder'
'Beautiful Dreams'
'Bee a Friend'
'Bee Courageous'
'Bee Glorified'
'Bee Jewelled'
'Bee Still My Heart'
'Bee's Knees'

'Belle Noche'
'Best in Town'
'Bev and Dave'
'Big Bad John'
'Big Bee'
'Blackberry Tart'
'Blackhawk Cascade'
'Blackhawk Creek'
'Blue Blazes Supreme'
'Blue Canopy'
'Blue Hat'
'Blue Lightning'
'Blue Magic'
'Blue Magoo'
'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme'
'Blue Suede Shoes'
'Blue Vision Supreme'
'Blueberry Patch'
'Bob Axmear'
'Bob Kuk Breeder'
'Bohemia Blue Camouflage'
'Bohemia Budgie'
'Bohemia Flash Gordon'
'Bohemia Fresh Colours'
'Bohemia Helter Skelter'
'Bohemia High Torque'
'Bohemia Middle East'
'Bohemia Niva Gold'
'Bohemia Oh Well'
'Bohemia Olympic Fire'
'Bohemia Puckered Stripes'
'Bohemia Praying Clown'
'Bohemia Rain'
'Bohemia Rib Eye'
'Bohemia Roquefort'
'Bohemia Scaramouche'
'Bohemia Snow Leopard'
'Bohemia Snow Storm'
'Bohemia Space Ship'
'Bohemia Splashing Meadows'
'Bohemia Streaked Cow'
'Bohemia Vegan Bacon'
'Bohemia Vegan Wagyu'
'Bohemia White Tiger'
'Bold and Beautiful'
'Boreal Bluet'
'Born Free'
'Boston Harbormaster'
'Bows and Arrows'
'Brant Rock Jetty'
'Brass Horn'
'Brave Attempt'
'Breeder's Choice'
'Breeder's Love'

'Brenda K. Harvey'
'Brenda's Beauty'
'Brianna T.'
'Bubble Dance'
'Buffalo Bill'
'Buffalo Black Soup'
'Buffalo Misty Fog'
'Buffalo Misty Mouse'
'Bukou Nishiki Iwa'
'Bukou-no-homare Iwa'
'Cabaret Voltaire'
'Calico Cat'
'Candle Glow'
'Candle in the Dark'
'Canterbury Tales'
'Carin's Wedding'
'Carriage Wheels'
'Captain Atom'
'Casting Crowns'
'Castle Rock'
'Celestial Lightning'
'Cemetery Road'
'Chairman of the Board'
'Charlotte's Web'
'Chelsea Ore'
'Cherry Tart Surprise'
'Chicken Little'
'Chichibu Genso Iwa'
'Chichibu-no-hana Iwa'
'Chichibu-no-mikado Iwa'
'Chiemsee Angel'
'Chiemsee Crushed Substance'
'Chinese Dragon'
'Chirifu Oba'
'Chocolate Ripple'
'Chris' Bleeding Heart'
'Chris' Colorful Beauty'
'Chris' Fire to Inspire'
'Chris' Flashdance'
'Chris' Gold Splash'
'Chris' Long Sword'
'Chris' Mars Expedition'
'Chris' Purple Top'
'Chris' Samurai Sword'
'Chris' Skinny Love'
'Chris' Stand United'
'Chris' Time after Time'
'Chris' Westfalen Beauty'
'Chris' Westside Story'
'Christmas Jewel'
'Christmas Stocking'
'Christmas Tree Gala'
'Cirrus Clouds'
'Cloud Nine'
'Clown Belly'
'Clyde's Birthday'
'Coach Beets Dotson'
'Coffee Break'
'Cohasset Harbormaster'
'Colesburg Julia Lynn'
'Colesburg Tyler John'
'Collector's Banner'
'Color Fantasy'
'Color Parade'
'Colored Cascade'
'Colored Lollipop'
'Colorful Sister'
'Colors in Motion'
'Commander Cody'
'Confetti Cup'
'Confused Angel'
'Copper Falls'
'Cosmic Baby'
'Cosmic Blueberry'
'Cosmic Breeder'
'Cosmic Brew'
'Cosmic Brother'
'Cosmic Buddy'
'Cosmic Charmer'
'Cosmic Confetti'
'Cosmic Delight'
'Cosmic Desire'
'Cosmic DNA'
'Cosmic Dragon'
'Cosmic Dreamer'
'Cosmic Exceptional'
'Cosmic Eye Candy'
'Cosmic Fantasy' 'Cosmic Genes'
'Cosmic Flash'
'Cosmic Frosty'
'Cosmic Hot Mama'
'Cosmic Infatuation'
'Cosmic Jazzy'
'Cosmic Journey'
'Cosmic Kid'
'Cosmic Killer'
'Cosmic Lace'
'Cosmic Lady'
'Cosmic Little Elf'
'Cosmic Mad Scientist'
'Cosmic Miss Fertile'
'Cosmic Moonshine'
'Cosmic Paint Shaker'
'Cosmic Pistol'
'Cosmic Passion'
'Cosmic Patchwork'
'Cosmic Prize'
'Cosmic Queen'
'Cosmic Rain' (Kuenster)
'Cosmic Rainbow'
'Cosmic Reaction'
'Cosmic River'

'Cosmic Secret'
'Cosmic Sensation''Cosmic Shadows'
'Cosmic Sister'
'Cosmic Smiles'
'Cosmic Spotted Cow'
'Cosmic Thrills'
'Cosmic Tie Dye'
'Cosmic Treasure'
'Cosmic Trophy'
'Cosmic Universe'
'Cosmic Watercolors'
'Cosmic Warrior'
'Cosmic Wonder'
'Cranberries and Cream'
'Crazy Quilt'
'Crazy Spirit'
'Crepe Streak'
'Crickett's Mountain Mist'
'Cynthia Ann'
'Daido Nishiki'
'Daily Grace'
'Dancing Lizard'
'Dani Adams'
'Dapper Jim'
'Dark Nebula'
'Dear Mom'
'Delta Force'
'Delta Pride'
'Desert Rose'
'Devils Lake'
'Diane Gray Dalton'
'Don Quixote'
'Don't Touch My Junk'
'Don't Tread on Me'
'Dorothy Benedict'
'Dorset Clown'
'Dorset Glenn'
'Dover Downs'
'Dream Maker'
'Dubuque Sweet Standard'
'Eagle Bay Phi Sim'
'Echigo Nishiki'
'Edwin Bibby'
'Eighth Wonder'
'Emeralds and Diamonds'

'Enchanted Forest'
'Enchanting Eve'
'Epson Downs'
'Exotic Dancer'
'Exotic Treasure'
'Fame Game'
'Fanatic Gertie'
'Fancy Francee'
'Fancy Plant'
'Fascinating Rhythm'
'Faux Mars'
'Faux Sun'
'Fickle Blue Genes'
'Fifth Avenue'
'Filigree's Sister'
'Final Answer'
'Fire and Brimstone'
'First Choice'
'First Date'
'First Impressions'
'First Meeting'
'Flame and Fury'
'Flame Stitch'
'Flash Dance'
'Flecked Fantasy'
'Flemish Clouds'
'Flemish Milkshake'
'Foggy Dew'
'Forest Paintbrush'
'Foxfire Divine Winds'
'Foxfire Lady Linda'
'Foxfire Wassupi'
'Foxy Doxy'
'Fragrant Flame'
'Fred and Audra'
'Free Jazz'
'Frensham Airbrush Paints'
'Frensham Firebolt'
'Frensham Glow Worm'
'Frensham Gold Reserve'
'Frensham Shining Armour'
'Fritzy Pickles'
'Fudge Ripple'
'Fury of Flame'
'Game Boy'
'Garden Gate'

'Gay Feather'
'Geisha Limey Streaks'
'Gene Summers'
'George W.'
'Ghost Spirit'
'Giantland Cup of Java'
'Giantland Love under the Stars'
'Giantland Thunderstorm'
'Ginsu Knife Supreme'
'Glorious Day'
'Glorious Grace'
'Glowing Sparklers'
'Going My Way'
'Gold World Wisconsin'
'Golden Sands Supreme'
'Gone Fishin'
'Good Golly Miss Molly'
'Good News'
'Good Vibrations'
'Gosan Gold Mist'
'Gothic Crown'
'Grace Like Rain'
'Gracie's Pulpit'
'Granite Hills'
'Grecian Lace'
'Green Harbor'
'Green Marmalade'
'Green Splash'
'Greenbush Line'
'Gretchen's Rainbow'
'G-Spot Tornado'
'Gunther's Prize'
'Hakuyo Nishiki'
'Halcyon Sunset'
'Halley's Comet'
'Hanjas What'
'Happy Pockets'
'Happy Valley Supreme'
'Hasamona Cynthia Ann'
'Hasamona Daniel's Delight'
'Hatsushimo Nishiki'
'Heart's Content Streaked'
'Heaven Can't Wait'
'Heaven Scent'
'Hey Hey, My My'
'Hideko Tajima'

'High Beams'
'High Fat Cream'
'High Heels'
'Hingham Harbormaster'
'Hippy Herb'
'Holar Rainbow Colors'
'Holar Rainbow Glow'
'Holar Rainbow Red'
'Holar Rainbow Rider'
'Holar Rainbow River'
'Holar Spearhead'
'Holar Springs'
'Holar Storm'
'Hollywood Yosemite Sam'
'Horsetail Sky'
'Hot and Spicy'
'Hot Flash'
'Hot Topic'
'How About That'
'Hubba Hubba' (Asch)
'Hubba-hubba' (Elslager)
'Hubbard Lane'
'Hyuga Urajiro'
'Ice Age Blaze'
'Ice Age Trail'
'Ice Cave'
'Imagine Love'
'Imperial Moth'
'Imperial Potentate'
'Instant Karma'
'Iron Gate Delight'
'Iron Gate Supreme'
'Isla de Tazas'
'Isla la Cucaracha'
'Isla Siete'
'Isla Verde'
'It's a Jungle Out There'
'Itty Rainbow'
'Iwa Shimizu'
'Jennifer's Angel'

'Jerry's Jest'
'Jim's Walkway'
'Joy, Unspeakable Joy'
'Jump Start'
'Jungle Cascade'
'Justa Gigolo'
'Justice of Peace'
'Jungle Fever'
'Kasahara Nishiki'
'Kathy Sorensen'
'Kempen Red Twist'
'Kenn's Little Blue Lightning'
'Kevin Vaughn'
'Key Largo'
'Kim Sue'
'King Richard'
'Kinokawa Unazuki'
'Kinugawa Nishiki Iwa'
'Kiwi Blue Flash'
'Kiwi Blue Marble'
'Kiwi Highlights'
'Kiwi Ingenuity'
'Kiwi Milky Way'
'Kiwi Silver Cup'
'Kiwi Splash'
'Knaves Green'
'Knickerbocker Holiday'
'Korean Snow'
'Kosasa Nishiki Iwa'
'Krossa Regal Streaked'
'Kuk's Concoction'
'Kuk's Forest'
'Lachman's Guest'
'Lady Gaga'
'Lakeside Blue and Cream'
'Lakeside Dot Com Streaked'
'Lakeside Fantasy Fulfilled'
'Lakeside Knickknack'
'Lakeside Mom'
'Lakeside Reflecting Glass'
'Lakeside Treasure Chest'

'Lasting Impressions'
'Lazy River'
'Leaping Lipizzan'
'Let Faith Arise'
'Let's Streak'
'Liberty Bell Streaked'
'Lickity Split'
'Life of Praise'
'Light in the Forest'
'Lightning Flash'
'Lightning Strikes'
'Like a Blue Streak'
'Lil Miss Muffet'
'Limburger Cheese'
'Little Drip'
'Little Jim'
'Little Madie'
'Little Streaker'
'Little Wonder Streaked'
'Little Wonder Supreme'
'Living Large'
'Lois Jane'
'Loleta Powell'
'London Fog'
'Lone Trail Gulch'
'Look See'
'Looking Good'
'Lotsa Love'
'Love Burst'
'Love in the Afternoon'
'Love is Real'
'Love Potion #9'
'Love Spat'
'Lovey Dovey'
'Lucky Fifty'
'Lucky Star'
'Ma Breeder'
'Mabel-Maria Herweg'
'Madcap Laughs'
'Mae Messner'
'Magnificent Obsession'
'Main Street Streaker'
'Maize and Blue'
'Mama Streaker'
'Man on the Moon'
'Manchester by the Sea'
'Marbled Cream'
'Marbled White'
'Mardi Gras Parade'
'Margot's Delight'
'Mary Schwartzbauer'

'Matthew Taylor'
'Mauna Kea'
'McWilliams #2'
'Mean Mama'
'Medieval Age'
'Mercy Me'
'Meteor Shower'
'Midnight at the Oasis'
'Midnight Mistress'
'Midnight Storm'
'Mighty Special'
'Milky Rock'
'Milky Way'
'Million Dollar Baby'
'Mirage' (Ward)'
'Miss AmErica'
'Miss Missey'
'Misty Gold'
'Misty May'
'Miyama Nishiki Iwa'
'Modern Dance'
'Molten Brass'
'Money Maker'
'Monkey Fist'
'Monty Python'
'Mossy Cascades'
'Motley Crew'
'Mount Olympus'
'Mouse Party'
'Mrs. Toshie'
'Musical Mama'
'My Desire'
'My Friend Mary'
'My Mom'
'Mystery Date'
'Mystery Mom'
'Nancy Minks'
'Nancy Minks Supreme'
'Neat Splash'
'Neat Splash Fleck'
'Nishiki Neko'
'Noah's Rainbow'
'Nordic Racer'
'Northern Heritage'
'Northern Mist'
'Northland Queen'
'Nothin' but Blue Skies'
'O Fuji Fukurin'
'Oberland Colourful Noise'
'Ode to Joy'
'Oh Audrey'

'Oil on Canvas'
'Oil Paint'
'Old School'
'Olympic Magic'
'Olympic Mist'
'On Angel's Wings'
'On Fire'
'On Parade'
'One Iota Streaked' (aka 'One Iota Supreme')'
'Opal Scepter'
'Open Hearted'
'Our Friend Reldon'
'Outer Limits'
'Outhouse Delight'
'Outrageous Dragon'
'Over the Rainbow'
'Pacific Coast'
'Pacific Crest'
'Pacific Waves'
'Paint Master'
'Painted Blueberry'
'Painted Desert'
'Painter's Palette'
'Paisley Art'
'Paisley Parfait'
'Pamela Kerr'
'Paradise Lightning'
'Paradise Surprise'
'Parfreys Glen'
'Pelican Post'
'Pete's Design'
'Pete's Impression'
'Pete's Multi Color'
'Pie in the Sky'
'Piedmont Stripe'
'Pin Stripe'
'Pin Stripe Sister'
'Pink Panther'
'Pistache' (streaked and misted)
'Planetary Streaker'
'Play It Again Sam'
'Play Misty for Me'
'Plebe's Blues'
'Poison Dart Frog'
'Pollock's Splatter'
'Pomp and Circumstance'
'Pony Express'
'Pot Black'
'Potomac Splash'

'Powder Brute'
'Powder Keg'
'Powered by Bob'
'Prairie Lightning'
'Prairie Meadows'
'Prairie Rainbow'
'Praise Him'
'Primal Scream'
'Prince Charming'
'Prince of Peace'
'Princess Kelly'
'Princess Peves'
'Principal's List'
'Promised Land'
'Queen Annie Lemay'
'Quiet Wyatt'
'Racing Stripes'
'Rainbow Glenn'
'Raspberry Ice Cream'
'Raspberry Sorbet Supreme'
'Raspberry Truffle'
'Ray of Hope'
'Raz Pizzazz'
'Red Cloud'
'Red Eye Café'
'Red Rampage'
'Red Wedding'
'Red-Hot Mama'
'Regal Promenade'
'Regal Providence'
'Regal Rumor'
'Regal Splash'
'Resurrection Galaxy'
'Rhinestone Cowboy Supreme'
'Richland Gold Splash'
'Richland Gold's Moonlight's Child'
'Richland Surprise Splash'
'Richmond Splashed'
'Rick's Blessings'
'Rime Ice'
'Rival Doctor'
'Rob's Rag'
'Rod Kuenster'
'Rod's Cup'

'Rosedale Blend Master'
'Rosedale Blunder Bus'
'Rosedale Brush Marks'
'Rosedale Butter Run'
'Rosedale Daisy Mae'
'Rosedale Jack of Spades'
'Rosedale Marsha Axmear Erb'
'Rosedale Misty Magic'
'Rosedale Mixmaster'
'Rosedale Shady Lady'
'Rosedale Streaked Zipper'
'Rosie Posie'
'Rough River'
'Royal Highness Abrielle'
'Royal Mouse Ears'
'Royal Splash'
'Royal Susan'
'Ruby Benedict'
'Ruffled Feathers'
'Rumor Has It'
'Rusty's Streaking Again'
'Sailor's Warning'
'Sails Ho'
'Saishu Jima Variegated'
'Sally and Bob'
'Sand Pebbles'
'Savannah Supreme'
'Schrodinger's Cat'
'Scituate Harbormaster'
'Scituate Lightkeeper'
'Screaming Mouse'
'Screaming Yellow Zonkers'
'Sea Lighten Up'
'Sea Lightning'
'Sea of Japan'
'Sea Prize'
'Sea Sunrise'
'Sea Tornado'
'Seaside Splendor'
'Secret Passion'
'Secret Thoughts'
'Seventh Heaven'
'Shaboom Shaboom'
'Shadow Dancer'
'Sharon's Choice'
'Sheila Macqueen'
'Shimizu Iwa'
'Shinano Nishiki'
'Shining Spirit'
'Shoot the Works'
'Short and Sweet'
'Show Biz'
'Shuho Nishiki'
'Silent Prayers'
'Simon Says Shout'
'Sir Lancelot'
'Sir Richard'
'Soaring Eagle'
'Softly Spoken'
'Sounds of Kinnick'
'Southern Essence'
'Spartan Flash'
'Special Blend'
'Special Forces'
'Speckled Gecko'
'Spiked Punch'
'Spilt Milk'
'Splashed Heart'
'Splashed Leather'
'Splish Splash'
'Sport Wheels'
'St. James Place'
'Stage Fright'
'Standard Deduction'
'Standard Deviation'
'Star Bright'
'Star Ride'
'Star Spangled Banner'
'Starship Enterprise'
'Status Quo'
'Steel Canopy'
'Stellar by Starlight'

'Stonewood Marsh'
'Stow Away'
'Strawberry Swirls'
'Streaked Regal'
'Streaked Tiara'
'Streaker Heaven'
'Streaker's Passion'
'Streakin in Alabama'
'Streakin in Nebraska'
'Streakin in Ohio'
'Streaking Frenzy'
'Streaking Party'
'Streaks to a Point'
'Streaky Streak'
'String of Pearls'
'Striped Canvas'
'Striped Keepsake'
'Striptease Streaker'
'Sugar and Spice Supreme'
'Sultan's Smoke'
'Sum Streaker'
'Summer Fest'
'Summer Music Supreme'
'Super Bloomer'
'Super Ego'
'Super Star'
'Super Streak'
'Sweet Anna'
'Sweet and Sour'
'Sweet Emily'
'Sweet Essence'
'Sweet Jill Supreme'
'Sweet Lucy'
'Sweet Standard'
'Sweet William'
'Swirls Design'
'Takao-no-matsu Iwa'
'Take Me Home'

'Teen Archer'
'Teeny-weeny Bikini'
'Telly's Treasure'
'Teltow Gay Honey Moon'
'Temple of Heaven'
'Tennessee Grady'
'Tenshi-no-hikari Iwa'
'The Perfect Storm'
'The Postman'
'The Right Stuff'
'The Stone Horse'
'The Sweetest Thing'
'These Colors Don't Run'
'Ticker Tape'
'Timms Hill'
'To Dye For'
'Tokushima Niyagawa Sodare'
'Tokyo Smog' (streaked and misted) 'Tom's Dream'
'Top Cat'
'Topo Gigio'
'Torchlight Supreme'
'Tornado Glenn'
'Traffic Jam'
'Trail of Tears'
'Tropical Thunder'
'Tsuma Tajima'
'Twilight Zone'
'Tyler John'
'Umezawa Nishiki'
'Un Poco'
'Unstable Mabel'
'Urban Cowboy'

'Valley's Blues Talk'
'Valley's Cloudy Bay'
'Valley's Crazy Diamonds'
'Valley's Dolce Vita'
'Valley's Endless Love'
'Valley's Flying Dutchman'
'Valley's Future'
'Valley's Glossybox'
'Valley's Grand Folks'
'Valley's Haka'
'Valley's Heartbreak Hotel'
'Valley's Hokey Pokey'
'Valley's Kia Ora'
'Valley's Kurawei'
'Valley's Love Cats'
'Valley's Misty Sky'
'Valley's Morning Sun'
'Valley's Ratatouille'
'Valley's Ritz Fizz'
'Valley's Sakura'
'Valley's Smoozy Lady'
'Valley's Ticket to Ride'
'Valley's Shiraz Blend'
'Valley's Streaked Goose'
'Valley's Super Tuesday'
'Valley's Suspicious Mind'
'Valley's Walk the Line'
'Valley's Top'
'Valley's Unicorn'
'Valley's Vintage'
'Valley's Waterfall'
'Van Gogh'
'Variegated Miniature Aretini'
'Vaughn 73-2'
ventricosa 'Aureomaculata'
'Virginia Reel'
'War Horse'
'Warwick Curtsey Supreme'
'Waxed Cream'
'Wedding Belle Blues'
'Wedding Night'
'Well Shaked'
'Wellfleet Harbor'
'What Happened'
'Whining Wyatt'
'White Angel Supreme'
'White Plains'
'Wicked Bad'
'Wicked Brain Freeze'
'Wicked Fun'
'Wicked Good'
'Wicked Marvel'
'Wicked Mom'
'Wicked Rainbow'
'Wicked Treasure'
'Wild Bill'
'Wild Child'
'Wild Nights'
'Wild Strawberries'
'Wild World of Sportsman'
'William Lachman'
'Winning Steak'
'Winter Lightning'
'Wonder Woman'
'Wonderful Life'
'Xanadu Butterscotch Drizzle'
'Xanadu Infatuation'
'Xanadu Spiffy'
'Xanadu Virginia Mary'
'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
'Yellow Splash'
'Yellow Splash Rim'
'Yikes! More Stripes'
'Yo Mama'
'Zany Janie'
'Zig Zag'
'Zippy Zepps'
'Zoe's Zesty Zephyr'
'Zydeco Green Mist'
'ZZZZ, A Sleeping Beauty'

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