Convexly-Cupped Hostas

Hostas with leaves that are cupped downward.

'Abiqua Parasol'
'Adrenaline Rush'
'Am I Blue'
'American Blue Wrinkles'
'Banana Muffins'
'Barger Blue'
'Big B'
'Blue Cups'
'Blue Elf'
'Blue Lightning'
'Blue Umbrellas'
'Brant Rock Jetty'
'Brave Amherst'
'Brother Stefan'
'Button Up'
'Capitol Hill'
'Captain Kirk'
'Cathedral Windows'
'City Lights'
'Classic Delight'
'Clear Fork River Valley'
'Cold Heart'
'Continental Divide'
'Cookie Monster'
'Corn Muffins'
'Cosmic Hippie'
'Cosmic Universe'
'County Park'
'Cousin Lou Ann'
'Davidson's Green'
'Dawn's Early Light'
'Dark Treasure'
'Dark Waters'
'Delta Dawn'
'Delta Mystery'
'Dragon's Eye'
'Dreamboat Annie'
'Edge of Night'
'Epson Downs'
'Evening Shadows'
'Eye Never'
'Fragrant Blue'
'Fragrant Bouquet'
'Friar Tuck'
'Fried Bananas'
'Fried Green Tomatoes'
'Frosted Frolic'
'Gandy Dancer'
'Garden Party'
'Garden Treasure'
'Ghost Flower'
'Giantland Big Bastard'
'Giantland Yellow Dome'
'Gin and Tonic'
'Golden Anniversary'
'Golden Bouquet'
'Golden Dome'
'Golden Parachute'
'Golden Platters'
'Golden Sculpture'
'Green Piecrust'
'Harriette Ward'
'Heart and Soul'
'Her Eyes Were Blue'
'Holy Mole'
'Honey Hill Bubble Up'
'Honey Hill Pearl Essence'
'Hoosier Dome'
'Hooties Coal Dust'
'Hot Green Chilies'
'Humpty Doo'
'Ice Cream'
'Ice Palace'
'Jack Berry'
'Jade Stone'
'Jimmy Blue Eyes'
'Jipson Place Black Hole'
'Johnny Angel'
'Kettle Moraine'
'King Lizard'
'Kirkside Golden Parachute'
'Lakeside Frosted Mint'
'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Lakeside Pillow Talk'
'Lakeside Reflecting Glass'
'Lakeside Sir Logan'
'Lakeside Symphony'
'Lakeside Un Huh'
'Lettuce Salad'
'Lime Piecrust'
'Memorable Moments'
'Metallic Sheen'
'Minnesota Nice'
'Miss Saigon'
'Mississippi Delta'
'Moon Is Blue'
'Moon River'
'Mystic Star'
'Nancy Gill'
'Neat and Tidy'
'Niagara Falls'
'Northernair Birdbath Blue'
'Northland Queen'
'Old Hump Back'
'Pale Moon Rising'
'Pat Raeder'
'Peace and Quiet'
'Pebble Creek'
'Peppermint Cream'
'Piecrust Power'
'Piedmont Gold'
'Pillow Talk'
'Polished Emeralds'
'Potomac Glory'
'Potomac Pride'
'Potomac Splash'
'Powder Blue'
'Primal Instinct'
'Principal's List'
'Rain Dancer'
'Rippling Waves'
'Rising Sun'
'Rocky Fork'
'Rosedale Buddy Holly'
'Rust Bucket'
'Sea Drift'
'Sentimental Journey'
'Simple Pleasure'
'Singing in the Rain'
'Small Sum'
'Stained Glass'
'Summer Breeze'
'Summer Serenade'
'Sun Bouquet'
'Sun Disk'
'Sun Kissed'
'Sweet and Sour'
'Sweet Innocence'
'Taco Chips'
'Teacher's Pet'
'The Right One'
'The Right Stuff'
'The Sun King'
'Thunder Boomer'
'Troubled Waters'
'Tucker Blues'
'Valley's Bull Ray'
'Valley's Grand Folks'
'Valley's Kick Inside'
'Valley's Ticket to Ride'
'Vanilla Cream'
'War Paint'
'Wet Umbrellas'
'Winter Bouquet'
'Winter Rainbow'
'Wizard's Illusion'
'White Undies' (Kulpa)
'Witches Brew'
'Wylde Green Cream'

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