Zoologist's / Animal Garden

  'Abiqua Blue Jay'
  'Abiqua Elephant Ears'
  'Abiqua Skunkie'
  'Academy Cockcrow'
  'Academy Tousled Turkey'
  'Adipose Donkey'
  'Alley Cat'
  'Alligator Alley'
  'Alligator Hide'
  'Alligator Shoes'
  'American Eagle'
  'American Super Mouse'
  'Atomic Dragon'
  'Baby Bear'
  'Baby Bunting'
  'Baltimore Oriole'
  'Barnacle Blue'
  'Bear Mountain'
  'Bee a Friend'
  'Bee Courageous'
  'Bee Glorified'
  'Bee Jeweled'
  'Bee Still My Heart'
  'Bee's Knees'
  'Bell Bird'
  'Big Bee'
  'Big Horn'
  'Birds of Happiness'
  'Black Adder'
  'Black Mamba'
  'Black Widow'
  'Blackhawk Cascade'
  'Blackhawk Creek'
  'Blue Beetle'
  'Blue Bird'
  'Blue Butterfly'
  'Blue Dolphin'
  'Blue Dove'
  'Blue Dragon Wings'
  'Blue Jay'
  'Blue Mammoth'
  'Blue Mice'
  'Blue Minnow'
  'Blue Mouse Ears'
  'Blue Mouse Ears Supreme'
  'Blue Nymph'
  'Blue Ox'
  'Blue Titmouse'
  'Blue Urchin'
  'Bohemia Salamander'
  'Bold Eagle'
  'Bri Bear'
  'Bright Eagle'
  'Buffalo Amber Waves'
  'Buffalo Bill'
  'Buffalo Black Soup'
  'Buzzard's Bay'
  'Calico Cat'
  'Calico Mouse Ears'
  'Cape Cod'
  'Cat and Mouse'
  'Cat Scratch Fever'
  'Cat Whiskers'
  'Cat's Eye'
  'Cat's Meow'
  'Chief Sitting Bull'
  'Chinchilla Blue'
  'Church Mouse'
  'City Dog'
  'Clifford's Stingray'
  'Colesburg Crocodile'
  'Colesburg Frogger'
  'Contorted Dragon'
  'Cool Cat'
  'Cosmic Spotted Cow'
  'Country Mouse'
  'Crocodile Queen'
  'Crocodile Rock'
  'Crocodile Smile'
  'Crocodile Socks'
  'Crocodile Tears'
  'Crossroads Parrot'
  'Crow's Landing'
  'Crow's Landing Fairy Ghost'
  'Crow's Landing Lime Sorbet'
  'Crow's Landing Standout'
  'Crow's Nest'
  'Cubby Bear'
  'Cynthia's Early Bird'
  'Dancing Cobra'
  'Dancing Lizard'
  'Dancing Mouse'
  'Dandy Lion'
  'Desert Mouse'
  'Dinosaur Track'
  'Dixie Chick'
  'Dixie Chick Green'
  'Dixie Chickadee'
  'Don's Gator Hide'
  'Double Eagle'
  'Dragon Fire'
  'Dragon Heart'
  'Dragon Lady'
  'Dragon of the Seas'
  'Dragon Scales'
  'Dragon Slayer'
  'Dragon Tails'
  'Dragon Warrior'
  'Dragon Wings'
  'Dragon's Blood'
  'Dragon's Eye'
  'Drake's Tail'
  'Eagle Bay Blue'
  'Eagle Bay Phi Sim'
  'Eagle Bay Prism'
  'Eagle Creek Woods'

  'Eagle Spirit'
  'Eagle Wings'
  'Eagle's Nest'
  'Edina Hornet'
  'Eel River'
  'Elephant Burgers'
  'Elephant Ears'
  'Emerald City Chick'
  'Eye of the Tiger'
  'Fat Cat'
  'Feather Boa'
  'Field Rat'
  'Flamenco Mouse'
  'Flemish Lion'
  'Forest Firefly'
  'Forest Mouse'
  'Foxfire Firefly'
  'Foxfire Snake Eyes'
  'Foxfire Stone Pony'
  'Foxfire Viper'
  'Foxy Cat'
  'Frog Bog'
  'Frog School'
  'Frosted Mouse Ears'
  'Funky Monkey'
  'Funny Mouse'
  'Garnet Crow'
  'Gathering of Eagles'
  'Ghost Mouse'
  'Giantland Mouse Cheese'
  'Giantland Sunny Mouse Ears'
  'Glory Bee'
  'Gila River'
  'Gold Bug'
  'Goldbrook Grayling'
  'Goldbrook Grebe'
  'Golden Chickie'
  'Golden Dove'
  'Golden Eagle'
  'Golden Guernsey'

  'Golden Hawk'
  'Golden Heron'
  'Golden Oriole'
  'Golden Spider'
  'Golden Tiger'
  'Golden Zebra'
  'Goldfish Cracker'
  'Gone Fishin'
  'Gray Fox'
  'Gray Wolf'
  'Green Heron'
  'Green Hornet'
  'Green Lama'
  'Green Mouse Ears'
  'Green Nymph'
  'Grey Goose'
  'Grizzly Bear'
  'Grünspecht'(green woodpecker)
  'Gypsy's Boa'
  'Hadspen Dolphin'
  'Hadspen Hawk'
  'Hadspen Heron'
  'Hanjas Red Spider'
  'Happy Mouse'
  'Hart's Tongue'
  'Hawkeye Gold'
  'Holy Mouse Ears'
  'Honey Bear'
  'Honey Bee'
  'Horsetail Sky'
  'Hot Diggity Dog'
  'Hummingbird Wings'
  'Humpback Whale'
  'Hush Puppie'
  'Imperial Moth'
  'Iowa Hawkeye'
  'Iron Butterfly'
  'Itsy Bitsy Spider'
  'Jiminy Cricket'
  'Jumbo Mouse Ears'
  'June Bug'
  'June Dove'
  'King Cobra'
  'King Lizard'
  'Kitty Kat'
  'Kiwi' (series)
  'Kiwi Blue Heron'
  'Kiwi Hippo'
  'Kiwi Leap Frog'
  'Kiwi Polar Bear'
  'Kiwi Red Heron'
  'Kiwi Silver Cup'
  'Komodo Dragon'
  'Lakeside Bug's Ear'
  'Lakeside Cricket'
  'Lakeside Dragonfly'
  'Lakeside Spruce Goose'
  'Lakeside Swan Pon'
  'Leapin' Lizard'
  'Leopard Frog'
  'Lion Island'
  'Little Chickadee'
  'Little Eagle'
  'Little Early Bird'
  'Little Ice Mouse'
  'Little Jay'
  'Little Kitten'
  'Little Red Rooster'
  'Lizard Lick'
  'Lonesome Dove'
  'Love Bug'
  'Lucky Mouse'
  'Luna Moth'
  'Madame Butterfly'
  'Mama Bear'
  'Mammoth Ears'
  'Maui Blue Kitten'
  'Maui Yellow Kitten'
  'Maya Kingsnake'
  'Midas Mouse'
  'Mighty Mite'
  'Mighty Mouse'
  'Mini Mouse'
  'Miss Ellie Fish'
  'Missie Mouse'
  'Monkey Business'
  'Monkey Fist'
  'Moose Bait'
  'Mourning Dove'
  'Mouse Capades'
  'Mouse King'
  'Mouse Tracks'
  'Mouse Trap'
  'Mrs. Mouse Ears'
  'Mustang Sally'
  'My Fine Feathered Friend'
  'Mystic Mouse'
  'Niki Mouse'
  'No Slug Yellow'
  'Noble Eagle'
  'Old Coot'
  'Old Hump Back'
  'Otter Point'
  'Owen the Orangutan'
  'Panda Bear'
  'Partridge Gold'
  'Peacock Feathers'
  'Peacock Strut'
  'PeeDee Diamond Dove'
  'Pelican Post'
  'Pink Flamingo'
  'Pink Panther'
  'Pit Bull'
  'Poison Dart Frog'
  'Pole Cat'
  'Pony Express'
  'Pony Time'
  'Pooh Bear'
  'Powtes Pigeon'
  'Prawdzik Sunfish'
  'Pretty Flamingo'
  'Pretty Kitty'
  'Proud Dragon'
  'Proud Peacock'
  'Purple Flamingo'
  'Queen Bee'
  'Red Bird'

  'Red Bull'
  'Red Dog'
  'Red Dragon'
  'Red Kitty'
  'Red Puppy'
  'Red Raven'
  'Red Salamander'
  'Regal Chameleon'
  'Regal Eagle'
  'Rhino Blue'
  'Rhino Hide'
  'Road Runner'
  'Robin's Egg'
  'Robin's Pride'
  'Rookie Mouse'
  'Rosedale Alligator Tail'
  'Rosedale Firefly'
  'Rosedale Golden Goose'
  'Rosedale Golden June Bug'
  'Rosedale Golden Trout'
  'Rosedale Goldfinch'
  'Rosedale Leaping Lizards'
  'Rosedale Lion's Mane'
  'Rosedale Oriole'
  'Royal Mouse Ears'
  'Royal Oyster'
  'Ruffled Mouse Ears'
  'Rusty Bee'
  'Sandhill Crane'
  'Sea Angel'
  'Sea Biscuit'
  'Sea Bunny'
  'Sea Gull'
  'Sea Nautilus'
  'Sea Nymph'
  'Sea Octopus'
  'Shark Skin'
  'Shark's Tooth'
  'Shells at Sea'
  'Sherborne Songbird'
  'Sherborne Swallow'
  'Sherborne Swan'
  'Sherborne Swift'
  'Silver Eagle'
  'Silver Fox'
  'Silver Slug'
  'Silvery Slugproof'
  'Smokey Bear'
  'Snake Charmer'
  'Snake Eyes'
  'Snake Pit Falls'
  'Snake Skin Boots'
  'Snow Bunting'
  'Snow Mouse'
  'Snowy Owl'
  'Soaring Eagle'
  'Solar Mouse'
  'Speckled Gecko'
  'Stag's Leap'
  'Striped Weasel'
  'Sum Sunfish'
  'Sun Mouse'
  'Sunfish Bett'
  'Sunfish Blue'
  'Sunfish Stripe'
  'Swan Lake'
  'Swan Lane'
  'The Green Hornet'
  'Toad House'
  'Tom Cat'
  'Top Cat'
  'Top Dog'
  'Tucker Tigers'
  'Tucker Top Cat'
  'Turtle Dove'
  'Tweety Bird'
  'Ugly Duckling'
  'Valley's Blue Penguin'
  'Valley's Bull's Eye'
  'Valley's Dark Horse'
  'Valley's Love Birds'
  'Valley's Love Cats'
  'Valley's Purple Gecko'
  'Valley's Purple Turtle'
  'Valley's Red Scorpion'
  'Valley's Roadrunner'
  'Valley's Streaked Goose'
  'Valley's Whale Rider'
  'Wanda Dove'
  'War Eagle'
  'War Horse'
  'Wet Crocodile'
  'White Butterflies'
  'White Dove'
  'White Elephant'
  'White Heron'
  'White Mule'
  'White Swan'
  'Whitefish Dunes'
  'Wiggle Worms'
  'Wildcat Mountain'
  'Wiley Coyote'
  'Wilma Coney'
  'Woolly Mammoth'
  'Yellow Bird'
  'Yellow Boa'
  'Yellow Dog'
  'Yellow Duckling'
  'Yellow Heron'
  'Yellow Jacket'
  'Yellow Leopard Frog'
  'Zebra Stripes'

See also Fisherman's Garden.

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